Hercx Task System by SPV_hercx
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SPV_hercx submitted his Hercx Task System script.

    Quote :
    This is the first public release of my task system, it was designed by me for use in SPV's multiplayer missions.The system was built
    specifically for ArmA 3 taking advantage of all the new scripting commands available in ArmA 3. the system is currently active in two of
    our multiplayer missions a completely rewritten version of Operation Broadsword and a Addons mission Operation Chernarus. In both of these
    missions the system works perfectly.

    The systems creation came about out of the lack of an easy way to create tasks in a multiplayer game, and keep them in sync to all players
    this system takes care of all of this for you. the system also has many features that were as far as I knew unavailable to mission creators

    As with any new system there may be some as yet undiscovered bugs, however the system has been as thoroughly tested as possible. It is my hope
    that by releasing it for public use this will help prove how robust it is.

    I hope you enjoy this release and make good use of it.

Written on 2014-07-04 11:06 by hercx  

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