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Version: 10-07-2014

Short description: Syntax Highlighting and Auto-Completion for NotePad++

Date: 2014-07-10 21:10

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SQF Syntax Highlighting & Auto-Completion

Byrkoet a.k.a. Nikita

A seasoned User-Defined Language file along with an Auto-Completion xml for NotePad++.
Provides intuitive color coding for functions and commands in the sqf format for e.g. Arma 2 and 3. Also features Auto-Completion for the latest functions from both Bohemia Interactive and Community Base Addons.

Installation / Usage:
Syntax Highlighting:
  1. Run NotePad++ and access Language --> Define Your Language..
  2. Import sqf.xml from either the dark or light theme folder.
  3. Extra: in case the color scheme doesn't suit you, change the appropriate styles.
  1. Locate your APIs folder. Likely in: C:\Program Files\Notepad++\plugins\
  2. Copy;paste or extract sqf.xml out of the Auto-Completion folder into the folder from step 1.
  3. Run Notepad++ and access Settings --> Preferences... from the top menu bar.
  4. Click on Auto-Completion from the menu and enable it by clicking the adjacent checkbox.
  5. Choose either Word completion or Function and word completion.

Known issues:
- single quotes in a double quoted String will escape the trailing words.

  • Dark - for dark backgrounds, preferably black.
  • Light - for light backgrounds, preferably white.

For the dark theme I recommend using the the Notepad++ theme: Obsidian;
Along witht the global overrides: background color, font, font size, bold style and underline style.
This will avoid any unforseen changes to this user-defined language setup.
If you'd rather not mess with the Style configurator, simply use the light theme.

If you wish to expand the library of functions and commands, you can do so by simply adding KeyWord tags to sqf.xml.
In case you find new functions or commands, consider commenting on Armaholic so I won't forget to add them for a new revision.
I also highly appreciate suggestions!

- Added description.ext Config Classes to auto-complete and highlighting.
- Added Constants to auto-complete and highlighting.
- Fixed numerals being not highlighted because of the presence of curly brackets.

- Fixed background transparency

- Initial version

- Notepad++

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