Author: Vasilyevich
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Requirements: NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons, Community Base addons A3

Version: 2.0
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This is a Unit Mod that adds Norwegian forces in woodland and desert and Norwegian "FSK" Special Forces in Multi and Black camouflage.

Date: 2014-09-11 08:24

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Norwegian Units


This Mod brings you the Royal Norwegian Army for Arma 3. Including normal military in both woodland and desert camouflage. But also specialized forces like sniper teams, FSK (Forsvarets spesialkommando), MJK (Marinejegerkommandoen) in various camouflages. To fight the common Arma 3 'clone soldier' gear randomisation routines give each unit a unique look. And ofcourse there are vehicles, Insignias and much more. While this is not a 100% perfect representation of the norwegian forces, i'm trying my best to bring you the best quality possible - always trying to transport your feedback and whishes in the mod to make it even better. If you want to help me doing so, you can find the source data on GitHub.

Normal military in both woodland and desert camouflage.
FSK (Forsvarets spesialkommando).
MJK (Marinejegerkommandoen).
Uniform, Head-Facewear, Weapon and Insignia randomisation routines.
Vehicles incl. Tanks, AFVs, MRAPs and UGVs.
Norwegian names for singleplayer immersion.
Much more to explore.

Extract into the ArmA 3 Directory, by default this is located in:
32-Bit - C:\Program Files\Steam/Steamapps\Common\ArmA 3\
64-Bit - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam/Steamapps\Common\ArmA 3\
After extraction it should look like this:
Steam\Steamapps\Common\ArmA 3\@your_mod_folder_name\addons\

You can also use the "Arma 3 Alpha" folder in your "My Documents" folder. Your folder setup could than look like for example this:
mydocuments\Arma3 Alpha\@your_mod_folder_name1\addons\
mydocuments\Arma3 Alpha\@your_mod_folder_name2\addons\
mydocuments\Arma3 Alpha\@your_mod_folder_name2\addons\

When present place the "userconfig" folder into your game install folder, usually:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3".
You may already have "userconfig" folder from other addons and/or mods in which case it is safe to merge the contents from this archive.

You'll also need to add a Launch Parameter to Steam, in order to do so right-click on ArmA 3 Alpha and click Properties and then Set Launch Options. In the window that opens enter in -mod=@your_mod_folder_name
For using multiple mods you would then do so like this:

You can also use -nosplash to get rid of the splash art and intro videos.

And of course you can also enable and disable community made addons and mods through the in-game Options Expansions menu if you do not want to mess with startup parameters!

When the above information still does not provide you with enough to learn how to install custom addons and mods you can always ask in our Guide On Installing Mods.

Included files:

All Units are under the BLUFOR (Norwegian Army) group - including groups for the editor.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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More screens can be found here.

It is slightly WIP and there will be more conntent soon. This is also my first "Unit" mod, soooo...

Known issues:
Helicopter retextures
Plane Retextures
HEMTT Retextures
Amphibious Vehicle

Credits & Thanks:
Lervik from Tier1 for helping me with the config. for being the best group ever.
The BWmod Team and KoffeinFlummi in particular for the disposable launcher script.
Everyone on the forums for general help.
Armaholic and PlayWithSix for hosting my mod.
BIS for Arma 3.


This work is licensed under a Arma Public License Share Alike
- You are not allowed to upload this mod to the steam workshop.

- New: AA-Tank, Artilery-Tank, Amphibious AFV (Wood/Desert)
- New: UGV variants (Wood/Desert)
- New: All Special Uniforms in long and short sleeve versions
- New: Insignias in various camouflages (Medic, FSK, MJK, Flag, Viking)
- New: Uniform randomisation routines
- New: Woodland (M98) and desert (M03) camouflage textures
- New: Uniform variants for FSK and MJK units (Grey, Coyote)
- New: Work in progress german translation
- Changed: Split the mod into seperate PBO files for easier modification
- Changed: Unified wood and desert crewman (incl. new uniform
- Changed: Uniform code from scratch to bring it in line with vanilla code
- Changed: All equipment code
- Changed: All vehicle textures (new woodland camo pattern)
- Changed: All uniform textures for more details and weathering
- Changed: Parts of the backpack code
- Changed: Some of the backpack textures
- Changed: Icons for most of the custom items
- Changed: Existing randomisation routines
- Changed: Standard units now have the ECH helmet
- Changed: "Men" categorie names reworked slightly
- Changed: mod.cpp code
- Changed: mod.paa
- Misc: The source data of the mod is now available on GitHub
- Misc: The mod is now modular (in case you don't want vehicles or the randomisation)
- Misc: Reworked (new) mod logo
- Misc: Mod is now licensed under a 'Arma Public License Share Alike'

- fixed some backpack classnames
- updated classname file

- fixed the MJK Breacher backpack
- it should now be possible to place the Norwegian Supply Box

- new "MJK" Special forces in Blue camouflage
- new spotter (both camos) class to assist the sniper
- new "M72 LAW (disposable) launcher
- randomisation of weapon camouflages fitting the specific units
- randomisation of facewear for the FSK and MJK special forces
- headgear (helmets) randomisation for the FSK and MJK special forces
- three new flags (flag poles) for norway, FSK and MJK
- some of the flag patches should look better now
- some new items including a cap with headphones
- mod should work with ALiVE now
- fixed some config bugs
- all units are now based on BLUFOR not Independent units
- the funky civilian glasses are gone
- no more "grandpa faces"
- group spawning via MCC should work now
- updated classname file
- updated LEA addon
- the mod now requires CBA for Arma 3

- at desert backpack is back (thanks to vrakpant)
- fixed the black at backpack
- updated the classname list

- new "FSK" special forces in multi and black camouflage
- new class "Breacher" for special forces (both camos)
- new class "Explosive Specialist for special forces (both camos)
- sniper with ghillie suit (wood and desert camo)
- All vehicles now have "real" camos, but are mono color.
- more norwegian names (thanks to Lstor)
- typo fixed (thanks again Lstor)
- adjusted shoulder patches on the crew uniform
- norwegian names for the units in singleplayer groups
- renamed "Soldier (Wood/Desert)" to "Men (Wood/Desert)"
- included a classname list file
- included a LEA Loadout Manager addon
- binarized mod
- signed mod

- added and APC (both camos)
- added MRAP (both camos)
- added an MBT (both camos)
- added tank/APC crew (both camos)
- units are working in zeus mode
- the glock is now the standard pistol again
- norwegian names for the units in singleplayer groups
- renamed "Fireteam (Wood/Desert) to "Soldiers (Wood/Desert) for editor placement
- moved the "Command (Wood/Desert" units to "Soldiers" for editor placement

- fixed some missing ".paa" endings, textures work again

- changed "Autorifleman Mk48" to ""Rifleman AT"
- added an Marksman
- "Norwegian Supply Box" added
- officer Beret for Troop CO and Troop NCO
- bonniehat Woodland/Desert
- all custom items now have icons matching them
- refined all loadouts
- units now have Binoculars and Rangefinders
- USP is nor standard pistol
- weathered look for all uniforms, backpacks and headgear
- updated mod.cpp
- classname adjustments

- first release

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Community Base addons A3
- NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons

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