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Vasilyevich released an updated version of his Norwegian Units addon on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    This is a Unit Mod that adds Norwegian forces in woodland and desert and Norwegian "FSK" Special Forces in Multi and Black camouflage. It is not a 100% accurate mod, but i tried my best to stick to the real uniforms. Currently it features a fireteam for each camo variant and two officers for each camo.

    Version 2.0 is out! It took me longer than expected but I'm very happy with it!
    The coolest thing is that I implemented a uniform randomisation for the special forces unit. And that you can now contribute to the mod on GitHub. Small stuff like the flagpoles and the classname list will come back soon!

    • New:
        - AA-Tank, Artilery-Tank, Amphibious AFV
        - UGV variants
        - All Special Uniforms in long and short sleeve versions
        - Insignias in various camouflages
        - Uniform randomisation routines
        - Woodland (M98) and desert (M03) camouflage textures
        - Uniform variants for FSK and MJK units
        - Work in progress german translation
    • Changed:
        - Split the mod into seperate PBO files for easier modification
        - Unified wood and desert crewman
        - Uniform code from scratch to bring it in line with vanilla code
        - All equipment code
        - All vehicle textures
        - All uniform textures for more details and weathering
        - Parts of the backpack code
        - Some of the backpack textures
        - Icons for most of the custom items
        - Existing randomisation routines
        - Standard units now have the ECH helmet
        - "Men" categorie names reworked slightly
        - mod.cpp code
        - mod.paa
    • Misc:
        - The source data of the mod is now available on GitHub
        - The mod is now modular
        - Reworked (new) mod logo
        - Mod is now licensed under a 'Arma Public License Share Alike'

Written on 2014-09-11 08:13 by Vasilyevich  

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