US Army A3 by Mk updated
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Mk submitted an updated version of his US Army A3 addon which he released on the BI forums.
There is now also an alternative version avalable which does not require the Combat Space Enhancement!

    Quote :
    With the lack of the US Army faction in Arma 3, I have decided to begin work on a US faction.
    This faction will be a combination of 4 mods:
    • US_Pack by Craig
    • RH_M4 by Robert Hammer
    • Task Force Radio by Task Force Team

    • Added Non-CSE version (Available in seperate download)
    • Added modified Slatts AT-4
    • Changed Headgear for Recon Medic
    • Changed Headgear for Recon Radio Operator
    • Changed Recon Spotter, Sniper Loadouts
    • Added Recon Flanker
    • Added Fighter Pilot

Written on 2014-09-17 09:19 by MarcusCunningham  

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