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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 3.1.01

Short description: Full logistics system

Date: 2020-03-01 15:41

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[R3F] Logistics

Team R3F

The [R3F] Logistics is a collection of scripts to install in a mission (no required addon).
It is MP and SP compatible, dedicated and non-dedicated server compatible.

  • Movable objects : the player can carry an object and walk with it.
  • Transportable objects : objects can be loaded into vehicles or containers to transport them.
  • Helicopter lift : light vehicles, containers, ammunition crates, etc. can be lifted.
  • Towing : some objects, vehicles, and boats, can be towed to a vehicle.
  • Creation factory : one or more creation factories can be used as a spawning system.

  • Each logistics feature can be added or removed on any object or vehicle. It is highly flexible and configurable.

    1. Copy the folder "R3F_LOG" from the demo mission to your mission.
    2. Add this line in your "init.sqf" :
      execVM "R3F_LOG\init.sqf";
      The line must NOT be copied in a conditional block, like "if (isServer)". It must be placed outside of all sub-sections of code or condition.
    3. Add this line in your "description.ext", outside of all braces block "{ ... }" :
      #include "R3F_LOG\desc_include.h"

    You can check the Full documentation pdf for more info about installation and usage of this script.

    Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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    Knownm issues:
    - The alive persistence feature does not take into account [R3F] logistics interaction (nor Zeus ones). => Fix on these posts

    Make Arma Not War:
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    Vote for us in MakeArmaNotWar.

    - Added : ability to send/sell back objects to the creation factory (fully configurable)
    - Added : the objects are locked to the side/faction/player/none (default config : side, optional unlocking countdown)
    - Added : planes and wheeled vehicles have been set as towable in default configuration
    - Added : countdown during the helicopter lift hooking process (stay hover)
    - Added : logistics configuration for the "All in Arma" addon (auto-activated only if used)
    - Added : logistics configuration update from A3 1.22 to A3 1.35
    - Added : disable the R3F's airlift when the BIS' airlift is currently in use
    - Added : tutorial mission to learn how to use logistics
    - Improved : the towing feature is allowed only if the front side of towable object is near of the rear of towing object
    - Improved : the cost of creation in the factories are configurable and more realistic (see R3F_LOG_CFG_CF_creation_cost_factor)
    - Improved : the vehicle's content interface shows the place taken by each item and a global progress bar of the cargo load
    - Improved : easier and more efficient way to protect essential objects (see USER_FUNCT\do_not_lose_it.sqf)
    - Improved : when creating/unloading a movable object, the initial height fits to the player's sight
    - Improved : when creating/unloading a non-movable object, the warning message is replaced by a confirm dialog
    - Improved : take benefits of the getHit command in the injury protection system (
    - Improved : performance optimizations to determine the logistics capabilities of an object/vehicle
    - Fixed : AI can no longer walk through walls and other objects (
    - Fixed : autonomous vehicles can now be loaded/moved/towed
    - Fixed : autonomous vehicles from the creation factory can now be used
    - Fixed : underwater diver can now take an object in its hands

    - Removed : the [R3F] Artillery is moved to an independent addon (not released)
    - Added : new full documentation, please read it carefully before asking questions
    - Added : functions to automatically load objects in vehicles at mission start
    - Added : creation factory to spawn objects and vehicles, with a credits management
    - Improved : player can no longer injure other players while moving objects
    - Improved : movable objects can be placed in height (floor, roof and any other surface)
    - Improved : movable objects has three pitch orientation methods
    - Improved : movable objects can be rotated and translated during their moves
    - Improved : the loaded objects interface is now refreshed when the vehicle content changes
    - Improved : possibility to enable logistics only on some specific objects and clients
    - Improved : several improvements about movements and interactions
    - Improved : many other improvements, fixes and optimizations
    - See also the v2.0 changes (not publicly released)

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