Rooftop Static Weapons Script by Goodson
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Goodson released the first version of his Rooftop Static Weapons Script on the BI forums.
For the example mission additional addons are required (see at the bottom of the downloadpage), the script itself does not require additional addons.

    Quote :
    As the name suggests, this script will take a given area (defined by a marker) and spawn static weapons (such as DShKMs or KORDs) on rooftops. Taking inspiration from Insurgency for Arma 2, rooftop static weapons add much more variation to battles and make jobs harder for both infantry and air support.

    This script was originally made for a private mission, but I thought other mission makers may also find this useful.

    How it Works
    When called, the script will first scan a given area for enterable buildings. Positions within each building will then be identified. Since there is no command for finding rooftops, this has to be done manually by checking for obstructions above each position and deciding whether or not it is a rooftop. A final check is then performed to ensure that there is enough room for the static weapon to spawn and that the rooftop position is not obstructed by any nearby walls or other solid objects that may prevent the weapon from manoeuvring properly.

Written on 2014-07-08 21:53 by MisterGoodson  

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