Author: reyhard
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.31
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: A2 Eastern Themed Civilian Pack which contains different vehicles and Civilians

Date: 2016-09-19 08:49

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RDS A2 Civilian Pack


A2 Eastern Themed Civilian Pack which contains different vehicles:
Ikarus 260
Skod 1203
Skoda Octavia II 2.0 TDI
VW Golf IV 1.9 TDI (I know in fact it's 1.6 FSI but I like that version :P)
Zetor Tractor

A2 Civilians with working inventory, etc. i.e. policeman, worker, woodlander, doctor, profiteer, businessmen, pop (priest).
NO FEMALE MODELS for now - struggling with animations right now

Realistic as possible physX values - tried to gather as much real data as possible (yet still grip is pretty arcade - made it on purpose and I might reconsider change it)
Animated and working doors & trunk with cargo system (doors you pick gets you on the seat you are closest to!) [expect skoda octavia)
Custom sounds (completely new sounds for Ikarus)
New skins & random colour script

To install the RDS A2 Civilian Pack you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

A2 Russian radio protocol - it should work with one from Kaelias Language Mod, East vs West or Sud Russians - haven't tested yet as I have my own port which I will try to release later.]
if you don't use that there will be some errors in rpt and civilians will speak altian instead of russian

Included files:

Learn and share:!E0lFAKqQ!5uBp6ugueZV6eOWMmzitGasS1McaEmyz1QkNcIsqYjc!1pFl1YbZ!jm3yfCUyUzyQJneLgAq8BfqJL6OPMmO0HbysOLJCE1A

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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Known issues:
Gearbox on Lada
Civilians needs some more tweaks to be a little bit more compatible with a3 vest system

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Created by reyhard using Arma Sample Models

License / Disclaimer:

@ fixed dedicated server random CTDs
@ fixed duplicated villager stringable
@ fixed S1203 passanger getting stuck
@ fixed some small .rpt errors
^ added ejectDeadDriver to Bikes & Motorbikes

+ added Jawa 353, Yamaha TT-650 motorcycle & 2 Bikes (Old & mountain bike)
+ added 2 handheld flashlights - Janta & LTS-1
+ added short/long light toggle (r - toggle light, t - toggle cabin light)
+ added engine destruction effect & improved hitpoints on all vehicles
+ added Rocker character from A2
+ added random civilians class
+ added groups of random civilians
+ added eden previews images
+ added some more eden attributes (open door/trunk, blinkers control)
+ added unique pictures to all uniform variants
+ added car alarm for locked vehicles (applies to Golf IV & Octavia) - launched upon hit or by fire from large caliber guns
^ changed emergency light keybind to ctrl+g (cycle next grenade key)
^ improved blinkers UI handler (changing between vehicle through VG should preserve ability to activate blinkers)
^ tweaked mirror position in Skoda Octavia
^ updated destruction textures for most of vehicles
^ tweaked physx of some vehicles
^ renamed vehicle skeletons for better cross mod compatibility
@ fixed wheel dust position
@ fixed some items were missing in cfgPatches
@ fixed injury selection on right leg for all characters
@ made workaround for broken searchlights ( )
@ fixed Octavia windows hidding on destruction
@ fixed vehicle dashboard illumination
@ fixed Apex errors
@ fixed rds_car_warning_triangle_to11 flashlight & pointer .rpt errors

*Fixed S1203 Ambulance visibility through windshield with siren turned on
*Fixed Volga trunk items visibility
*Tweaked trunk items handling (spare wheels)
*Fixed FPP pistol aiming problems
*Fixed Siren audible even after destruction
*Added TO11 & First Aid Kit as placable items through editor/zeus
*Tweaked sounds here and there
*Some other small tweaks

*Added siren for police car & ambulance (shortcut available - C (deploy CM), toggle siren sound binded to B [binocular])
*Added blinkers (q/e - left right, r - warning lights)
*Added car first aid kit item
*Added warning triangle TO-11
*Added spare wheel script
*Added dlc icon
*Added police holster as vest item with visible holstered pistol inside
*Added new, VG like, pictures for all vehicles
*Added trunk anim for Scoda Octavia II
*Added some eden integration (random wheel & ikarus doors control)
*Accessing inventory from outside automaticly opens trunk if such anim is available
*Fixed ikarus, octavia & s1203 sounds
*Fixed S1203 FFV get in/out anims
*Fixed worker & villager weapon aiming errors
*Fixed police car interior errors
*Improved suspension behaviour for all vehicles
*Improved light effects
*Improved physx
*Ikarus doors stays open if you use "open door" action

*added tractor
*added 1.54 hitpoints
*added Virtual Garage support for vehicles
*fixed headgear randomisation for vehicles
*lowered again vehicle sounds
*tweaked offroad speed of Gaz-24 & Lada
*added FFV positions for S1203
*fixed windows sections errors
*muffled sound for open MG in vehicles
*other unknown

- fixed heli dlc civilian CTD's
- fixed lada gearbox
- fixed rpt errors with s1203 windows
- changed dashboard tex on lada from ultra low res to low res (so you can read your current rpm & speed)

- lowered vehicle sound
- fixed bones errors
- fixed civilian uniforms CTD on different side
- added gearbox hand anim
- tweaked cargo anims
- tweaked windows
- fixed police cap picture
- tweaked a little bit physx
- i forget about rest

- first release

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