ArmA 3 Co-op Mission Framework by Zenophon
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Zenophon informed us he released an updated version of his ArmA 3 Co-op Mission Framework on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Ladies and gentlemen, Armaholics of all ages, I am proud to present a work over a year in the making: Zenophon's ArmA 3 Co-op Mission Framework. My framework is a library of over 190 SQF functions organized into a carefully designed API that is both easy to use and extremely powerful. The functions cover everything from manipulating arrays to an extensive task system. Each one has been meticulously designed and tested to provide useful features with minimal bugs and issues. The framework is designed so that each function is a logical building block that achieves a straightforward effect. The strength of the framework is that each small part fits together neatly with others, allowing you to quickly implement your mission design intuitively.

    The framework works with any map and requires no addons. It is compatible with any mod because you choose which functions execute. There is effectively no performance impact to compile the entire framework, and every function has been diligently optimized. All 150 public functions are also carefully documented in an exacting style, and many resources are provided to help you learn to use the framework.
    The framework is created with these goals in mind:
    • Simple co-op fun for both players and mission makers
    • Bottom-up design using flexible pieces that you control
    • Truly random and dynamic missions without extra work for mission designers
    • Procedural mission design instead of manual placement using the editor
    • Eliminating large, static functions with assumptions about what you want in your mission
    • Server-oriented execution to create more efficient multiplayer missions
    • A simplification of locality and interacting with clients in multiplayer
    • A solid, powerful, and bug-free library to use as a foundation for your own code

    • New Function: Zen_SubdivideMarker
    • Fixed: Zen_OrderAircraftPatrol, Zen_OrderBoatPatrol, Zen_OrderInfantryPatrol, and Zen_OrderVehiclePatrol now interpret their arguments correctly
    • Fixed: Zen_InvokeDialog caused an error when attempting to show a list with no elements
    • Fixed: Zen_OrderInfantryPatrol did not generate waypoints correctly for groups within the minimum radius
    • Added: Zen_InvokeDialog parameter to allow user input to control their character while the dialog is open
    • Added: Zen_InvokeDialog parameter to move the center of the dialog
    • Added: Framework macro ZEN_FMW_Code_GetRemoteVar
    • Added: Zen_CreateControl type Map
    • Documentation: Fixed ZEN_FMW_MP_REClient, Zen_GiveLoadoutCustom and Zen_StringGenerateRandom Notepad++ hints
    • Documentation: Added for ZEN_FMW_Code_GetRemoteVar, Zen_SubdivideMarker
    • Documentation: Updated for Zen_CreateControl, Zen_InvokeDialog
    • Documentation: Updated Notepad++ SQF language and autocompletion file with ArmA 1.66 stable commands

Written on 2017-01-27 13:16 by Zenophon  

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