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Version: 6.5.2

Short description: The Anvil Mission Framework is a system for rapidly generating missions of any size for ArmA 3.

Date: 2014-12-22 22:37

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Anvil Mission Editor and Framework

|TG| Will

Announcing the latest release of the Anvil Editor and Framework, version 5.4 ALPHA. The Anvil Editor is a windows application (requiring .NET 4.5) which lets you very rapidly generate small or large scale multi-objective COOP missions for ArmA 3 when used alongside the official ArmA 3 editor. It creates missions that use the light weight Anvil Framework which is bundled with the editor.

The Anvil Mission Framework and Editor is a system for rapidly generating missions of any size for ArmA 3, working in conjunction with the ArmA 3 official 2D editor. The Framework provides a series of objective types which can be linked together so that completing one objective unlocks another. Enemy occupation levels of objectives are highly configurable and managed using the Enemy Occupation System from bangabob.

This version also coincides with the release of the first Showcase mission "Night Assault" which is the start of a three mission "campaign" which will demonstrate the power of the Anvil Framework and Editor. The showcase missions are available from the Anvil Project homepage -

  • Create progressive missions, where completing objectives unlocks new objectives
  • Captured objectives can unlock ammo boxes, respawn points or special weaponry
  • Enemy forces are dynamically spawned and cached using the Enemy Occupation System to reduce server load
  • Ambient occupation zones can be set up and configured
  • Save and load the objective state using scripts so you can complete the mission over multiple sittings
  • Different mission types including:
      - Capture the area
      - Destroy communications tower
      - Destroy AA
      - Assassinate an HVT
      - Gather intel
  • Mission parameters for:
      - Optional random enemy patrols in the AO
      - Optional random enemy counter-attacks when objectives are captured
      - Size of enemy forces
  • A series of one-click installable scripts to make the game world more realistic, including:
      - Scripts used by TacticalGamer including Aerson's group manager, TAW VD and the TG name scripts
      - =BTC= logistics including lift, fast ropes and loading

The editor:
The editor is a Windows desktop application which allows users to rapidly generate the required markers and scripts to create an Anvil Framework based mission. It integrates with the ArmA 3 editor so that the two can mostly be used side by side. The editor has the following functionality:

Installable maps of Altis, Stratis, Chernarus, Takistan and Zargabad which can be zoomed and panned
Ability to place objectives and modify all the relevant properties
Link objectives together through "shift+clicking"
Load and save mission information such as enemy and friendly sides
Set victory / defeat triggers on each objective or for when all objectives are completed
Export a nearly playable mission (just add units in the ArmA 3 official 2D editor)

Exe files can harm your PC! Before running this you should make sure you understand the risks!
Armaholic is in now way responsible if this file causes any damages!

The application is bundled in a zip file and maps need to be downloaded and installed separately.


Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

Known issues:
Framework Removing a previously included script could possibly cause issues as it doesn't clean out the old init code

You can report all bugs on this thread or over on the official Tactical Gamer release thread, it will probably help a lot if you can grab the latest log file and attach it to the post. Feel free to make some feature requests as well and I'll think about adding them to my list.

Future plans:
The roadmap lays out what features are being considered for future version of the framework [FW] and editor [ED]:
[FW] Selectable cleanup script
[FW] Allow loading mission state from dialog
[FW] Scripted generation of vehicle respawns to save making them in the editor
[FW] Think of some other mission types that might be fun!
[FW] Vehicle respawn reward type
[ED] Simple briefing editor
[ED] Templating system for easy adding of groups, modules and so on
[ED] Set up patrol routes on the maps
[ED] Allow BIS modules to be attached to ambient zones
[ED] Set start time in mission properties
[ED] Configurable ammo boxes
[ED] Auto update for the editor, not just the framework

This software is in Alpha so there are probably bugs. Use at your own risk and always keep your missions backed up.

The first public release of the framework and editor will be version 4.3. The first number will always refer to the framework version number, whilst the second number will always refer to the editor version number.

The Editor source code is on github and released under an MIT license. The Framework is APL-SA licensed.

Altis and Stratis maps bundled:
You can also download a version with Altis and Stratis maps bundled (80MB): Anvil Mission Editor and Framework Altis and Stratis maps bundled v5.4 Alpha fix 2

Make Arma Not War:
If you like our work, please support us in the contest!
Vote for us in MakeArmaNotWar.

Credits & Thanks:
The Framework and Editor have already been used to create several missions (including Sunday Event missions) for the community where I spend most of my playing time. I'm grateful to the guys there for the time they took to give feedback and test things out. Also thanks to 10T for his maps and Bangabob for his EOS system.

The Framework is APL-SA licensed.

- FIXED in hotfix1 IncludedScripts were loaded from mission_description causing crash
- FIXED in hotfix2 Added config for Aliabad and Hazar Kot as promised
- IMPROVED in hotfix2 Slight grey background to main window to help viewing all white maps

- FIXED outdated link for TPW_CAS supported script (BI forums user _MaSSive)
- FIXED crash with incomplete supported scripts definition (#2, BI forums user lawndartleo supplied map files)
- FIXED Opening a non-Anvil mission and converting to an Anvil mission doesn't save opened path (#15)
- ADDED one-click download of missing map images through the new mission dialog (#13)
- ADDED support for the Bornholm map (#14, BI forums user lawndartleo supplied map files)
- ADDED support for the Bukovina map (#14, BI forums user lawndartleo supplied map files)
- ADDED support for the Bystrica map (#14, BI forums user lawndartleo supplied map files)
- ADDED support for the Desert map (#14, BI forums user lawndartleo supplied map files)
- ADDED support for the Porto map (#14, BI forums user lawndartleo supplied map files)
- ADDED support for the Rahmadi map, A3 version (#14, BI forums user lawndartleo supplied map files)
- ADDED support for the Sahrani map, A3 version (#14, BI forums user lawndartleo supplied map files)
- ADDED support for the Shapur map (#14)
- ADDED support for the Takistan Mountains map (#14, BI forums user lawndartleo supplied map files)
- ADDED support for the Utes map (#14, BI forums user lawndartleo supplied map files)
- ADDED configuration for the Aliabad map, no images posted due to no permission from author (#14, BI forums user lawndartleo supplied map files)
- ADDED configuration for the Hazar Kot map, no images posted due to no permission from author (#14, BI forums user lawndartleo supplied map files)
- ADDED "shut up" trigger option in editor to stop AI radio chatter (#4)
- ADDED optional (anonymous) reporting of error messages to help Anvil improve using sentry (#12)
- ADDED About 50 unit tests (at last)
- IMPROVED Mission ends by default when all objectives completed for new missions. To change this per mission, set Mission "Trigger on all completed" to None
- IMPROVED Update MahApps.Metro dependency to version 1.0.0.
- FIXED The AFW_fnc_globalHide function no longer run every time a player JIPd
- FIXED objects hidden by AFW_fnc_globalHide can no longer be damaged
- FIXED Prevent EOS from overriding server skill settings and mods
- FIXED Prevent enemy from being spawned when objectives are completed using AFW_fnc_doSetObjectiveState (#3
- ADDED Able to conditionally run AFW_fnc_globalHide depending on the completed state of an objective
- IMPROVED force multiplier now applied to infantry only (#9)
- IMPROVED ammo box contents better for larger player count missions (#5)

v5.4 Alpha fix 2
- FIXED Long standing issue with incomplete mission.sqm generation (Thanks to |r| Santa from the BI forums for helping debug)
- FIXED Error when parsing some mission.sqm formats (caused by missing sections or use of scientific notation)
- ADDED Line numbers and syntax highlighting to SQM Browser

v5.4 Alpha fix 1
- FIXED Incorrect reporting of version number in update checker where new framework version has breaking changes
- FIXED Error on startup with no maps in folder AND first time loaded

v5.4 alpha
- Changed: Included scripts no longer bundled - Anvil will prompt to download if they are missing
- Fixed: Property grid was overlapping the status bar
- Fixed: Links could be made between ambient zones and objective markers
- Added: "Clear" objective type, an alias for "capture" objectives
- Added: "Destroy Ammo" objective type
- Added: "Destroy Helo" objective type
- Added: "Destroy UAV" objective type
- Added: "Helo Crash Intel" objective type
- Added: "Move through" objective type for convoy type missions
- Added: "Move to" objective type for convoy / RTB objectives
- Added: Randomise placement option, which if "true" places a destroy or intel objective randomly within the objective radius.
- Added: "Random objective order" mode which gives objectives in a different order each play through.
- Added: Dialog for adding new included scripts
- Added: Parameter on missions to manage your own briefing.sqf file
- Added: Dialog to edit briefing.sqf files
- Added: Check for valid ArmA 3 folder names on save
- Added: TacticalGamer's TaskForceRadio autodetect script
- Added: Set mission author
- Added: Add some default loadouts with a single click as an "included script"
- Added: Ability to ignore "over-occupation" LINT check on an objective
- Added: Lint Check for unoccupied ambient zones
- Added: Key objective captured victory trigger and ability to mark an unlimited number of objectives as "key"
- Added: Windows 8 look and feel
- Added: A whole new bunch of icons for objectives
- Improved: Increased maximum zoom in level by 50%
- Improved: Included scripts can be init line only (i.e. no bundled files)
- Improved: Included scripts now sorted by name Framework:
- Fixed: Intel mission was not JIP compatible
- Fixed: Two AA vehicles spawn for destroy AA objective type
- Added: Support for randomising objective placement within the given readius (destroy and intel type missions)
- Added: A script to create and populate an ammobox, AFW_fnc_populateAmmobox.
- Added: Support for a number of new objective types
- Added: Optional random objective order on mission load
- Added: A set of cfgRespawnInventory loadouts which can be included with one click (WEST ONLY)
- Added: Ability to set "and" and "or" prerequisities in mission description - undocumented and not supported by the editor
- Improved: Changed the way infantry is spawned - now the strength number is allocated randomly between "buildings" and "patrols"
- Improved: Complete refactor of Anvil codebase, new folders and function prefix changed from FW to AFW
- Improved: The AFW_fnc_createAmmobox function now sets the global variable AFW_last_user_ammobox to the created ammobox
- Improved: Optionally specify the type of ammobox created by AFW_fnc_createAmmobox
- Improved: Intel briefcase now spawns in a randomly selected nearby building, if one is available

v4.3 Alpha
FIXED Objectives moved position when opening a mission on a different island from the current one
FIXED Available objective IDs were reallocated out of order
FIXED The briefing.sqf file is no longer overwritten if it exists
FIXED Remove ability to make a mission a prerequisite of itself
FIXED Incorrect status message on ambient zone creation
FIXED Map refreshes when a different property is selected in the objective property pane
FIXED Wrong special and ammo marker names were generated for mission description
FIXED Incorrect map coordinates (this time I'm 80% certain I've eliminated 75% of the issues here)
FIXED Unwanted movement of objective positions when loading missions (removed rounding error)
FIXED Independents now hostile to all other sides
FIXED Position of friendly respawn marker wasn't updated from the mission.sqm file
ADDED Select "Destroy AA" mission type
ADDED Set end mission triggers per objective (None, END1, END2, LOOSE [yes I know])
ADDED Set all objectives complete trigger (same options as for objective complete)
ADDED Help prompt for first time visitor (directs to Quick Start guide on the Anvil Website)
ADDED A "clean and rebuild" option, which deletes everything except mission_data.json and re-exports
ADDED Download new framework versions from within the editor (Use the "Check for Updates" menu option)
ADDED Apply a manually downloaded framework update
ADDED Support for optional game task deletion option
ADDED Basic mission sense checking when missions are saved or loaded (a.k.a. "Mission Lint")
ADDED Mission Lint Check: excessively occupied objectives
ADDED Mission Lint Check: same enemy and friendly side
ADDED Mission Lint Check: unoccupied objectives
ADDED Proper logging using NLog (see /logs folder) - send these if you find a bug :)
ADDED Create new map on double click map name in new mission dialog.
ADDED Add "are you sure" dialog when opening, creating new or quitting with unsaved changes
IMPROVED Objective "Troop Strength" renamed to "Group Size" for clarity
IMPROVED Group Size uses a drop down list so it actually makes sense
IMPROVED Show full version number in main window title (helpful for error tracking)
IMPROVED Colouring of occupied ambient markers so they are easier to spot
IMPROVED "All objectives completed" notification shows after task completed notification
IMPROVED Open/Save file dialog now auto-navigates to last opened directory to start with
REMOVED Splash screen as the standard .NET version is pretty buggy
WON'T FIX SQM Parser doesn't like comments /* */ or // (A3 editor seems to remove these anyway)
WON'T FIX SQM Parser doesn't like variable names with underscores

FIXED Completed tasks were not deleted for JIPs
FIXED AI not being correctly disabled (Thanks to |TG-189th| Unkl)
FIXED Assassination target was always an EAST officer regardless of side settings
FIXED Ammo/special weapons boxes can no longer spawn in invalid locations and blow up
FIXED Script errors in the random patrols management script
FIXED Random patrols spawn from the correct enemy faction
FIXED Tasks no longer automatically assigned as current (after first task)
FIXED Default mission type now Coop instead of Zeus Coop
ADDED New "Destroy AA" mission type
ADDED Implement "Intel" mission type (previously it would autocomplete as soon as it was active)
ADDED Admin function FW_fnc_createAmmobox which places an empty ammobox near the given position and returns a handle to it
ADDED New all_objectives_complete variable, true when all objectives have been completed.
ADDED Option to leave completed game tasks in or to delete them
ADDED New function for adding multiplayer actions - FW_fnc_addActionMP
IMPROVED Minor optimisation of objective completion code
REMOVED Vehicle cookoff script to save our tactical ear drums
REMOVED Vehicle spawn set up scripts
WON'T FIX FW_fnc_doSetObjectiveState gives script error on dedicated servers (expected)

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