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|TG| Will informed us he released an updated version of his Anvil Mission Editor and Framework on the BI forums.
On our downloadpage linked below you can also find a version with the Altis and Stratis maps bundled.

    Quote :
    Announcing the first supported public latest release of the Anvil Editor and Framework, version 6.5.2 BETA. Users of version 6.5.0 are strongly advised to upgrade to this release. The Anvil Editor is a windows application (requiring .NET 4.5) which lets you very rapidly generate small or large scale multi-objective COOP missions for ArmA 3 when used alongside the official ArmA 3 editor. It creates missions that use the light weight Anvil Framework which is bundled with the editor. Anvil provides the following features:
    • Point and click to create objectives, ambient occupation zones and the initial spawn point
    • Five selectable objective types (Assassinate, Capture, Destroy AA, Destroy Tower, Gather Intel)
    • Shift-click in the editor to link objectives (so that completing one unlocks the other)
    • Create end mission triggers on any objective or when all are completed
    • Select the type of objective, what is shown in the player tasks, the level of enemy occupation and capture rewards
    • One-click inclusion of SQF scripts, including setting up the description.ext and init.sqf
    • The editor can pull in changes to markers made in the official ArmA 3 editor and works alongside changes made in the official editor

    • Fixed in hotfix1 IncludedScripts were loaded from mission_description causing crash
    • Fixed in hotfix2 Added config for Aliabad and Hazar Kot as promised
    • Improved in hotfix2 Slight grey background to main window to help viewing all white maps

Written on 2014-12-22 22:38 by mecharius  

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