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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 0.98a

Date: 2014-07-13 07:29

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I was playing with BeCTI alone on Arma3. This is really a great mission, pretty well done but as i was playing alone, few things went wrong: I passed more time to manage my lost AI than playing, more over Altis is a huge map, so it was impossible to finish this mission as many AI finished to travel the whole map by feet.

No BeCTI update have been made from so many months, so i started to do some modifications, fix some bugs, and finnaly decided to share my work: here is BegCTI, a modification of the original BeCTI. It is more oriented Solo / Coop (but you still can use it for Team vs Team).

Main differences between BeCTI and BegCTI:
Be able to play alone, or in coop is my first objectif, here few points regarding this :
  • If there is only one player (human) he can do some commander actions. He becomes a kind of 2nd commander : a co-commander
  • co-commander max group size pass from 12 units max to 24 units max
  • co-commander can call artillery
  • co-commander can use sattelite
  • Each FOB (advanced outpost) can be upgraded to a Fob-Factory (3000$ per fob)
  • Fob-factory extend the "control center" range (control center range = 7500m ; + 2500m around each fob-factory)
  • Units, vehicle , tanks can be produced by Fob-Factory

Fob-factory works in v0.98a but will be modified to make game more balanced.

Other changes:
  • Player can reorganise his team , see "reorder feature" bellow
  • There is now flags on each town, (green/blue/red depending of the town side),flag moves up/down like in battlefield.
  • Some change have been made regarding default equipment to be more close of Arma3.
  • Added an "antistick system" that prevent AI vehicle to stay blocked agains a rock/tree/house. (see description bellow)
  • Artillery have been reshaped to be more close of Arma3. (artillery can be disabled anyway)

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

    AntiStick System:
    With Arma3 it is a catastroph : AI driven vehicle pass their time to be sticked to a rock/tree/house. They NEVER arrive at destination. AntiStick System fix this problem and garanty that the vehicle will do its job.
    In care of not overusing CPU, it may take up to 5 minutes (usually 1 minute) to unstick the vehicle. Be also advised that as last solution, if the vehicle still sticked after many try, it will be teleported to the closest road. Yes i know, not realist, but better than an useless freezed vehicle

    TO use it : nothing to do, it is automatic for ALL AI driven vehicle.

    Reorder Team Feature:
    As soon as you loose your first units, it become a hell to manage it (eg: the driver of your tank become unit n°3 while his gunner become unit n°11). So you pass your time to press F11-F12.
    Reorder feature make possible to change that by reordering each unit position in your group.

    How to use :
    1) select an unit by pressing F1 ~ F12
    2) press Ctrl + LeftArrow or Ctrl + Right Arrow to move this unit to the previous or next group position.

    - Binocular was raising errors, it has been replaced by "Range finder" (a kind of laser designator without laser nor TWN view)
    - Player can reorder his units (select a unit with F1-F12, then press Ctrl+Left or Ctrl+Right)
    - New feature : AntiStick Vehicle Now any vehicle driven by AI will not be sticked to an obstacle anymore (can take up to 5 minutes to unstick it)
    - Each town now haves flags (green , blue, red) depending on the town side.
    - Town flags move up/down during capture
    - Date changed to 19 Jun 2014 so days are long, nights are short
    - FOBs can now be upgraded to factory (it cost 3000$ per fob)
    - Fob Factory purchasse range is shorter than usual factories ones (defined by CTI_BASE_PURCHASE_UNITS_RANGE_DIV constant ; 3 times shorter by default)
    - Fob factory also act as a mini control center, its range is much more shorter than classic control center (defined by CTI_BASE_PURCHASE_UNITS_RANGE_DIV constant; 3 times shorter by default)
    - West : some NLan launcher have been added to vehicles cargo (considering it can be used once only, just adding rockets has no sense)
    - salvagers are now bobcat class vehicle (without ammo) for both sides (as trucks passed their time to explode wheels on rocks )
    - workers are now Indendant class units for both side (easyier to recognise than light soldier)

    Release Plan:
    Rather than doing big releases that are never published, i decided to do often releases : one release every 2 weeks (1 month max). This is because things are never over, and without that, i would never release anything.
    I cannot tell you what will be done far in the futur. I Just can tell you what will be done in the next 2 weeks.

    Credits & thanks:
    99% of the code is BeCTI made by Benny. So Benny is the autor of that mission.
    I'm simply the humble technician who arrived to give a last screwdriver tour.

    To resume, credits can be considered like that :
    BeCTI (Benny CTI)
    Autor : Benny
    BegCTI (Benny Giova CTI)
    A modification made by Giova

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