Author: SabreD
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Requirements: FLAY HangGlider Mod

Version: 0.9

Short description: attaches rockets to Mrflays HangGlider for a short boost

Date: 2014-07-13 19:02

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Rocket Booster for FLAY HangGlider


This is a very simple Rocket script for the FLAY HangGlider Mod.

I hope this may be useful for some to use the glider in missions easier.
It should work in single player, multiplayer and on dedicated server.
If multiple users have to use it at the same time you may need to make multiple scripts with different variable names to reduce conflicts like exploding rockets. I didn't test this yet.

You can download an example SP mission with the scripts.
For mission builders: Both scripts need to be in your mission file, then put
nul = [this] execVM "FHGRocket.sqf"
into the gliders init.

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to mrflay for his really awesome HangGlider Mod!!
based upon my JATO script

As it's for FLAY HangGlider and that is issued under APL-SA this is too I guess.

Change log:
- first release

- FLAY HangGlider Mod

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Tags: Hangglider,   Rocket