ADV Gear Distribution by Belbo
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Belbo submitted an updated version of his ADV Gear Distribution script.

    Quote :
    I've played a lot of missions with either buggy or performance demanding gear distribution scripts or systems.
    Some switch to Tonic's VAS because of that, but I personally don't really like using it in my missions (it's a great script though, no questions asked!). That's why I created this little script (pretty much for my own use).
    But as requested I make this public and offer you my little gear distribution script.
    As of version 2.0 the ADV Gear Distribution system comes with an executable file that creates all the necessary scripts for you. This is the ADV Gear Configurator made by Joko.
    The script version is put into the download file as well, if you want to have a look at how the system works. (Or even create your loadouts without the ADV Gear Setup. It's highly recommended though.)

    • Minor bugfixes in ADV Gear Setup.exe.

ADV Gear Distribution v2.0.1

(only required for the ADV Gear Configurator, the script can work without it)
Microsoft .NET Framework 4

Written on 2014-08-11 14:50 by Belbo  

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