Author: Belbo
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.02

Short description: A small script for adding editor placed objects or units to the zeus interface.

Date: 2014-08-13 10:32

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ADV Zeus Script


When playing as Zeus you might notice that you can't interact with editor placed objects/units or with units spawned during the mission or even with respawned players. That's why I wrote this very small script to counteract that.

This script adds (almost) all editor placed objects to the zeus interface, so you can edit them as Zeus. Additionally it checks every five seconds if units have been spawned and makes them editable as well. That way you always have a way to see or interact with your players or units spawned by scripts like UPSMON.

Installation / Usage:
There's a sample mission included.

1. put the ADV_zeus.sqf into your missionfolder.
2. put this in your mission's init.sqf (create if necessary):
////////// ADV_Zeus-Script by Belbo start //////////
	if (isServer) then 
		//CuratorModuleName = your curator module name; true = boolean, if civilians should be editable by zeus as well - set to false if you don't want civilians to be editable.
	[CuratorModuleName,true] execVM "ADV_zeus.sqf";
////////// ADV_Zeus-Script by Belbo end //////////
3. Make sure to replace "CuratorModuleName" with the name of your actual curator module.
4. Repeat for additional curator modules.
5. Start your mission and have fun with all the stuff you have placed in the editor and all the respawning players and whatnot.

- small change to the while-loop (thanks to Psychobastard)

- reduced network traffic (thanks to Moricky)

- Initial release

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- BI forums

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