Author: Jigsor
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis, Fallujah, F.A.T.A. - Federally Administred Tribal Areas, Pakistán, Kunduz, Afghanistan, Bornholm, N'Ziwasogo, SMD Sahrani A3, Stratis, Takistan, Zargabad
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.44

Date: 2015-12-04 19:24

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BMR Insurgency


What is the different from this Insurgency compared to traditional Insurgency?
The primary difference is that Intel is not dropped when killing certain Insurgents. Rather, It is spawned in random buildings.
Small black markers indicate Intel Locations on the map. You can choose hide the markers with lobby parameter.

    Eliminate Armed rebellion against NATO forces.
    Gather Intel on Ammo Cache location by picking up suitcases spawned in random buildings.
    Destroy Ammo Caches with satchel or demo charges.
    Complete Random Objectives.
    Clear all red zones of enemy forces.

  • Mods are optional with exception of Islands.
  • Play as Opfor or Blufor.
  • Start Time parameter.
  • Choose between Random Weather or Real Weather JIP scripts in parameters.
  • Predetermined Blufor lobby groups and in game dynamic group alteration.
  • Enable/Disable Ambient Civilians.
  • Choose opposing factions and civilians: Csat, AAF, or moded.
  • Don't like the new fatigue system? Then disable it in parameters.
  • Adjust Damage multiplier in params to make 1 or 2 shot kills a reality.
  • ASR AI friendly.
  • Custom Air Patrol Script and functions with lobby parameters. Aircraft will engage infantry and can be shot down with 1 missle or rocket.
  • Rooftop Static defenses in Task/Objectives.
  • Group Heli Extraction requestable by last playable slot in lobby. (Team leader CAS1)
  • Civilian Suicide Bombers keep you on your toes. Dying has never been so much fun!
  • Ambient vehicle radio chatter.
  • Randomly generated roadside IED's.
  • Virtual Arsenal and VAS available at main ammo crate in base.
  • Built in Testing/Debug mode param. (Not available in MultiPlayer)
  • Killed by whom, with what weapon and distance displayed at death.
  • Recruitable AI option in lobby parameters

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

    Ingame Game Settings:
    Press U key for View Distance Settings, Digital Heading and Hud.
    Squads are set in lobby but can be dynamically altered ingame by pressing and holding T.
    Use target cursor to select players.
    Supported PIP livefeeds from the helmet-cameras of their fellow groupmembers. Requires Tactical Glasses.
    * - Activates camera / switches to next groupmember.
    Alt+* - Deactivates camera. Shift+* - Toggles size of the display.
    Blufor: To have a fully restored kit on respawn, at main ammo box select "Virtual AmmoBox" from scroll, then click "Load Gear" button, select a saved profile (save one first if you haven't yet), click "Load" button, then click "Load on Respawn Button".
    Opfor: Is limited to CSAT weapons crates and scavenging. They can save one kit and their main ammo box or use default scripted kit. Kit is restored on respawn.

    JTAC slots and Team leader CAS1 can call for Close Air Support.
    UAV Operators can call for air dropped UGV and launch parachute camera by firing a white flare from 203 grenade launcher.
    Engineer can build a FARP to repair and rearm vehicles if he has a Bobcat or Repair Truck close by.
    Medics can buid a small sandbag wall to provide cover.
    Team Leader CAS1 can call for group heli evac.
    Bullet Cam option for Marksman/Spotter Sniper classes.
    EOD and Engineers have scroll option for visible mine detector with proximity sound.

    Vehicles will respawn if destroyed.
    MHQs consist of 2 Covered Transport Trucks and 1 Mohawk.
    All MHQs have VAS quick profile loader.
    Bobcat Tows other vehicles.
    GhostHawks lift light vehicles.
    Mohawks can lift heavy and light vehicles.

    If you die you can choose to respawn at BASE, MHQ_1, MHQ_2, MHQ_3 or wait for revive.
    You may also choose to teleport to MHQs or Halo from Flag Pole at base.
    While waiting for a revive you can spectate and control camera with usual movement controls.
    MHQs can be disabled in params.
    Revive systems can be disabled in params to accommodate for moded a revive system such as AGM.

    Though Destroying Ammo Caches is a primary objective, It is not a listed Task/Objective.
    Ammo Caches regenerate throughout the city one at a time usually in random building positions and in red zones.
    Gathering Intel will generate random marker clues on the map referencing distance in radius to ammo cache location.
    Intel usually spawns in random building positions and in red zones.
    Once Ammo Cache is destroyed all Intel and markers are deleted. New Intel and Ammo Cache is spawned.
    There are however, actual Task/Objectives viewable through Map -- Tasks.
    Currently 10 Task/Objectives exist.
    All Task/Objectives are generated one at a time in random order and random locations.
    Current Task/Objectives include:
      1. Rescue the downed pilot
      2. Destroy Communications Tower
      3. Eliminate Insurgent Leader
      4. Cut Power
      5. Mine Field
      6. Deliver Supplies
      7. Destroy Support Convoy
      8. Destroy Armed Convoy
      9. Destroy Mortar Squad
      10. Capture and Hold Outpost


    Mod variants:

    Known issues:
    Adding the PVP component broke BTC drag/carry
    Note to players: Its best to wait a few seconds before clicking continue once breifing screen appears to allow loading and activation of scripts.Although there is code provisioned to delay continuing, sometime there is a delay in activation of this code. The effective delay is more apparent in Fallujah versions.
    Bug if Heli Extraction caller switches in or out of his group leadership role after extraction called and before cancelled or completed.
    Recruitable AI not playing well with Heli Extraction
    Mobile Civilians option does not work on Stratis version.

  • Fixed: Updated Iraqi Syrian Conflict V.5 mod support. Requirements : @iraqi_syrian_conflict;@cup_weapons;@mas_nato_rus_sf_veh;@rhs_afrf3;@rhs_usf3
  • Fixed: Was possible for medic's placeable sandbag to be placed underground and loose ability to remove and create another.
  • Fixed: Bail from chopper not available after CBA update.
  • Fixed: TAW view distance popup error on first use. Started with A3 patch 1.50.
  • Fixed: ATM Halo Bad Vehicle Type popup error occurred when HALO jumper did not have a backpack.
  • Fixed: Group leader of blufor AI freezing when his AI halo.
  • Fixed: BTC revive flickering message who is near to revive.
  • Fixed: Recruited AI now can be transported with with Evac Heli.
  • Fixed: Blufor's deployed farp marker was visible to opfor when JIP.
  • Fixed: On some terrains bug prevents UGV engine from starting after UAV operator calls in UGV air drop.
  • Fixed: Fast Rope from choppers.
  • Added: Support for 1 headless client. If HC crashes/disconnects then all remaining spawned grid AI will reside on server. If Headless Client JIP or rejoins then future spawned grid AI will reside on Headless Client.
  • Added: Mogadishu Map version.
  • Added: Clafghan Map version.
  • Added: Helipad lights on blufor and opfor bases.
  • Added: Unique layer to killed info message when playing in multiplayer.
  • Added: Some 1x and 2x optics to Op4 supply crate.
  • Added: additional Server cleanup/maintenance performed server has 0 players.
  • Added: New mission - Clear Road Block.
  • Added: Measure to prevent ammo cache from getting buried/hidden by building ruins before cache is destroyed.
  • Added: ACE parachute HALO compatibility.
  • Added: Mission ends for player exceeding team kill punishment limiter defined by variable BTC_tk_last_warning in INS_Definitions.sqm. Default : 3
  • Added: Lobby parameter to disable play as Opfor. If disabled, Mission will end for Opfor player and will be asked to join a Blufor slot.
  • Added: Lobby parameter to disable audible friendly AI radio.(adversely disables missile lock tone).
  • Added: Lobby parameter to enable scripted poisonous gas grenades. Yellow hand and GL smoke grenades are Toxic. For immunity wear A3 Heli Crew or Pilot Helmet. Also supports gas masks from Hidden Identity Pack v2 and NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons mods.
  • Added: Clause to AI Halo which delays drop start until recruitment que is empty and clause to exclude AI in vehicles.
  • Added: UAV service repair/refuel/rearm on marker with description "Fixed Wing Repair".
  • Added: Ability/action to transfer loadouts to other players and recruited AI at blufor base main ammo box.
  • Added: Russian localization translation. Thanks to macmillan11.
  • Added: German localization translation. Thanks to Mr.Ripley.
  • Added: Functionality to delay deactivation of zones when player leaves or dies in trigger area. Modifiable by lobby parameter Thanks to Mr.Ripley and son.
  • Added: Functionality to limit the number of grid zones simultaneously activated. Modifiable through lobby parameter. Zones with completed activation before limiter was reached will stay activated if using deactivation delay.
  • Change: Default maximum infantry per zone doubled. Higher concentration within fewer zones possible. With the new simultaneous zone limiter it is possible to avoid bog or crash because of to many AI on server or headless client.
  • Change: Exchanged an Ammo Bearer slot for additional Engineer slot. Multiple engineers supported now though only one FARP can exist.
  • Change: Decreased intensity of ambient combat sounds.
  • Change: Removed VA Preloader.
  • Change: Removed all Arsenal actions for opfor players.
  • Change: Improved less desync on player JIP.
  • Change: Removed lightning bolt on intro.
  • Change: Increased Font size of mission added actions on Flag Pole, Main Ammo Crates and FARP.
  • Change: Removed original music clip. Ending now plays nostalgic native quote videos and displays intro banner image to reduce mission size.
  • Change: Suicide bomber average recurrence frequency slightly reduced.
  • Change: Reduced network traffic in handling of JIP intel actions.
  • Change: Opfor no longer receive score for picking up intel.
  • Change: Once all objective missions are complete objective pool is recycled.
  • Change: Replaced option to disable fatige with option to disable new stamina sytem.
  • Change: Replaced the Sahrani version dependancies from @AllInArmaTerrainPack;@smd_a3 to @CUP_Terrains;@CUP_Sahrani

  • Credits & thanks:
    Thanks to BIS, the community, mod makers and all the script writers who submit their material for this great sandbox platform.
    All credits given in game under Map -- Credits and Third party credits.

    Many original functions and scripts by Jigsor
    Several functions/scripts by BTC and Ghost were modified by Jigsor

    Original insurgency by Pogoman & Fireball & Kol9yN

    3rd party contributions/credits:

    EOS v1.98 by BangaBob (H8erMaker)
    =BTC=_revive v.98, =BTC= Logistics,
    =BTC= Quick Revive and =BTC=_TK_punishment
    by =BTC= Giallustio
    VAS v2.6 and TAW view Distance v1.4 by Tonic
    randomWeather2.sqf by Meatball.
    real_weather.sqf v1.3 Original Release by team code34
    vehRespawn.sqf, ICE_HUD and Vehicle System (vSys) by Iceman77
    repetitive_cleanup.sqf v1.7, group_manager.sqf v1.6, player_markers.sqf v2.6,
    set_loadout.sqf and get_loadout.sqf by aeroson.
    JW Custom Close Air Support JW Custom
    Display Heading Script v3 by GeneralCarver.
    Halo =ATM= Airdrop v3.0 by pokertour.
    Traffic by MAD T.
    Randomly generated roadside IED's by brians200
    v1g Fast Rope by [STELS]Zealot
    x_reload by Xeno
    ghst_PutinBuild.sqf and ghst_PutinBuildIntel.sqf cores by Ghost
    ghst_ugvsupport.sqf by Ghost
    T-Helmetcam by Tajin
    HuntIR script v1.0 by Bardosy
    tky_evo_performance report by GITS Tankbuster
    SHK_buildingpos.sqf v0.12 and shk_taskmaster by Shuko
    BTK Cargo Drop v1.92 by sxp2high
    zbe_cache_script_version_v3.7 by zorrobyte
    Bon's Infantry Recruitment Redux -- by Moser
    Mine Detector Script version alpha 0.6 by Lala14
    Modified-Fatigue-v100 by Quiksilver

    remove_carcass_fnc code by BIS
    Ambient radio chatter code by TPW
    BTC_m_fnc_only_server, BTC_AI_init, BTC_repair_wreck,
    BTC_main_load_VAS, BTC_load_VAS by BTC Giallustio
    fnc_ghst_build_positions, fnc_ghst_rand_position, by Ghost
    X_fnc_returnVehicleTurrets by Joris-Jan van 't Land
    find_west_target_fnc based on example by Mattar_Tharkari in
    BIS Community Forums
    Dialog U.I. by Dirty Haz
    rej_fnc_bezier by Rejenorst

    Ajax and Onion Gamers for hosting and testing/feedback.
    Black Mamba Rangers

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums

    - ArmA 3 Map Pack - A3MP (Optional)
    - All in Arma Terrain Pack (AiA TP) (Optional)
    - Community Base addons A3 (Optional)
    - US Marine Corp and MARSOC units (Optional)
    - African Conflict (Optional)
    - NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz Weapons (Optional)
    - N'Ziwasogo (Optional)
    - Fallujah (Optional)
    - F.A.T.A. - Federally Administred Tribal Areas, Pakistán (Optional)
    - Kunduz, Afghanistan (Optional)
    - SMD Sahrani A3 (Optional)
    - Bornholm (Optional)

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