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Lynx75 from the CORP Modding Studio, released an updated version of the NRF Units on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    The NRF Units represent a fictional special force of the Nato Response Force.
    The mod add a new Nato faction, helmets, uniforms, MX custom serie, NVG, titan, backpacks, diving camo and rebreather.

    This is the final version of the NRF Units (v04).
    This mod was first created by the GID Modding Studio which was the modding team of the GID. The GID team is now closed. Some of GID players have created a new team called "CORP".
    That is why the GID Modding Studio is now called CORP Modding Studio (Tactical Hand Sign mod is from us).

    All classnames have changed, so this version breaks the old naming policy.
    Thanks for your understanding!

    • Delete: Uniform's textures randomisation
    • Added: Flektarn camo uniforms (Wood, desert, BW, snow and tropical variants)
    • Added: Flektarn camo platecarriers and heavy platecarriers
    • Added: Flektarn camo kitbags and carryall backpacks
    • Added: Flektarn camo bandanas
    • Added: Flektarn camo light ECH, ECH, Mich and ghillies helmets
    • Added: Flektarn camo soldiers at NRF faction

Written on 2015-04-02 19:14 by G.I.D Sacha  

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