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We have already showed you 2 earlier videos from "Noobs-Reloaded". They have made the "playing Co-op" and "playing DeathMatch" videos we reported about earlier. had the privellige to get an exclusive preview from them, and as an extra "Noobs-Reloaded" have now added a "trailer" to the preview aswell.

Noobs-Reloaded trailer
Size : 51.7 Mb
Source :

This movie has been added to the video section aswell. But again, you can watch this one streaming aswell, click here.

Spoock has released 2 new movies

Spoock's stupid attack
Size : 28.7 Mb
Source : BI forums

Spoock's Sahrani overview
Size : 80.2 Mb
Source : BI forums

Like always these 2 new movies can be downloaded from our video section. Or for those of you who want to watch them as soon as possible we have them added to our streaming video section. Choose one of the following to start watching in stream:

Written on 2006-11-19 04:00 by Foxhound  

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