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Version: 1.5

Short description: Collection of batch scripts that will help you manage your dedicated Arma3 server on a windows machine.

Date: 2015-10-28 15:15

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Ahoy Server Tools


This is a collection of batch scripts that will help you manage your dedicated Arma3 server on a windows machine. We use these scripts to manage our own servers, and thought to release them in the open, as they might be beneficial for other server managers too.

This new Restarter has been written in PowerShell V2 and allows for better stability, better compatibility (windows Vista & up), and many new features to be added to the core functionality. Since there is no more need for separate Unlockers, log-archivers, updaters, backup scripts etc, we have moved all those scripts to the "old projects" folder.

Main Features:
  • Start & re-start Arma3 Server (Restarts Arma & BEC when crashed)
  • Start & re-start BEC (Now able to only restart BEC, without closing the running server)
  • Update and validate your Arma3 Server installation via SteamCMDt (Allow any admin to force update with #shutdown)
  • Sync Keys, Missions and BE-configurations across servers (without the need for a unlocker)
  • Clean and archive log-files (Server & BEC) (Compresses and moved old log files out of the way)
  • Automatic Server Configuration & Log backup (incl BEC) (ready for offsite backup)
  • Supports TADST profiles (create and change your server config via the TADST interface, and allow quick change between profiles)

Installation / Usage:
For usage instructions and information of how to use the Ahoy Server Tools please refer to the userdocumentation.

Always up to date version: downloads

Known issues:
Issue Tracker

This is a community project, and we will appreciate all external ideas to improve these scripts or extend it's functionality. Any input can be logged in the Issue Tracker or bigger input can be happily forked and imported with a pull request. These scripts have been tested on Windows 2008 R2, and might need small changes in order to work on other versions of this OS.

Total re-write in Powershell
Integrate all separate tools into 1 powerful script

Rebooter V1.3:
- Fixed: #29: Reboot.bat - tweak the way links are called upon start
- Fixed: #28: Reboot.bat - fix several issues with spaces & compatibility
Arma_Restarter V1.5:
- Fixed: #31: A3_Restarter - issue where the unlocker would start too early
- Fixed: #30: A3_Restarter - issue where BEC would start too early
Arma_Updater V1.4:
- Fixed: #32: Investigate issue where the updater would still delete the excluded file extensions
Backup_Tool V1.2:
- Fixed: #34: Backup script removing our own server name and change to something more generic
- Fixed: #33: Backup script not closing window after run-cycle

(NEW) Repo_Downloader V1.0:
- Fixed: #24: create script to automatically sync a3sync repo from FTP

Log Compressor V1.3:
- Fixed: #16: log-compressor - Create 1 big log-archive instead of singular archives
Rebooter V1.2:
- Fixed: #8: Reboot script keeps hanging at last job
- Added: New closing information on screen
Backup_Tool V1.1:
- Fixed: More small issues
- Added: Some changes to the information displayed
- Fixed: #22: backup_tool - Add support for userconfig directory
- Added: #9: add EU3 to Backup-script
- Fixed: #18: Several small bug fixing
- Added: #17: Add TADST to backup script
Arma_Updater V1.3:
- Fixed: #19: a3_updater - Add support for seperate logfile location
- Fixed: #7: Add cleaning exception rules for TADST in updater
- Fixed: #20: a3_updater - Add cleaning exceptions for more file extensions
- Fixed: #23: a3_updater - Add cleaning exception for userconfig
Arma_Restarter V1.4:
- Added: #11: a3_restarter - make loopbackping hard-coded
- Added: #12: a3_restarter - Improve readability of onscreen messages
- Added: #13: a3_restarter - Add logging capabilities
- Fixed: #14: a3_restarter - HOTFIX: BEC not starting
- Fixed: #15: a3_restarter - Unlocker not starting
- Added: #6: add port indicator to restarter
- Added: #10: Generic improvements to a3_restarter script

File_UNlocker V1.3
- Hotfix: Fixed issue with path calling

- first release

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