Author: eggbeast
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Requirements: Arma 2, Community Base Addons, Arma 2: Combined Operations compatibility MP patch (ACR lite), British Armed Forces Expanded mod (BAFX)

Version: 3.8
Signed: No

Short description: This pack brings together lots of community developed improvements into a set of enhanced vehicles, aircraft and weapons to play with.

Date: 2015-12-21 15:59

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Rangemaster mod pack


Two packs of mods that brings together lots of community developed improvements into a set of enhanced vehicles, aircraft and weapons to play with.
I would like to offer a huge thank you to all the contributors over the past 18 months that have allowed this mod pack to come about.
It's still a little shabby in places - my fault entirely - and we have plans to polish it up some more in due course.
Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy playing with it.

22 player evolution mp co-op sandbox mission - requires other addons
Duala: BAF vs Somalia
Gulf of Aqaba: BAF vs IS/Egypt

Our battle night
Mykes outstanding FRL_missilebox is included, with loads of extra models we made/ imported

Example of Isis-type vehicles (with sandbobs units shown)

BAFX Mod Pack
Aim: to provide an expansion of Arma 2 OA BAF faction with previously released UK forces content, with enhanced coherence in faction, classname, weaponry, armour, speed, useractions and crews, (and especially for use in Evolution co-op missions by Eggbeast)

by Eggbeast and friends, including:
- Eggbeast (design concepts, configs, integration, some skins and sounds, hexedit and other model fixes by permission)
- hcpookie (scripts, configs)
- Trouble (chieftain, challenger, challenger 2, scimitar, scorpion, spartan, warrior, Lynx, Scout and Gazelle models, sounds and configs)
- Lennard (L119 pack - see LEN_L119A1_v1_1_Readme!)
da12thMonkey - textures and models for the various weapon attachments, config help, reference material, basicly the backbone of this addon.
Vilas - UGL, SpecterDR and eotech.
DaveP - Desert and woodland textures.
DaSquade - Docter sight.
Euan Mitchell "tigg" - Magpul E-Mag.
Lennard - Compiling, textures, models, anims, configs and the boring copy and paste work.
sushjake - Config help.
- LEGION7698 (Mastiff Protected Patrol Vehicle - see mastiff_Readme) including:
Weapons + weapon mounts, including the textures for them, origionally created for Project: UK forces (UKF) by: Messiah, Chris, Da12thMonkey, plus other members of the original members of the UKF team. Kindly donated by Da12thMonkey & Messiah.
- cleggy (British Ridgback PPV v1.1 - see blx_ridgback_v1.1_readme)
(British FV432 "Bulldog" APC v1.1 - see BLX_bulldog_apc_readme)
Blake - mirrors
- Sgt. Savage (sounds, unsung content)
- Von Knudenberg and larsiano (moral support)
- Chris (re-skins)

Permissions sought where required, and credits provided, where required, for production of this mod pack.
All scripts and content herein have been developed and adapted from original sources acknowledged.
All adaptation carried out by Eggbeast.
Please direct all enquiries, comments, complaints or feedback to Eggbeast, and he will endeavour to accommodate you.
steam: Eggbeast or PM

US woodland and desert, Russian (woodland) and Takistan (desert) versions of almost every main vehicle with my modified weapon ammo, sighting and ranging systems.

- Incorporates previously released content too: EB_Air, EB_missilebox, EB_weapons/blazes_weapons
- plus lots of stuff developed with unsung and hcpookie: Flamethrowers, WP, lumes, canister, airburst, etc
- and FRL_missilebox (myke)

Subtle changes include reload times (e.g. autoloader in T72 series makes it fast), some armour and speed modifications, zeroing much better, improved optics and better coaxial MGs, and of course the magazine sizes are as close to real as we can get them. clip sizes e.g. on the Rarden, also lume rounds and obscuration effects and some kinetic effects all add together to make an immersive mod we hope.

Try firing WP, HE, CAN, APERS-T, HESH, HEAT, APDS, APFSDS and APFSDS-DU and you'll see the grades of penetration damage improving, and blast radius diminishing...

basically this provides a full set of vehicles for:
- OPFOR russian woodland
- OPFOR takistan desert
- BLUFOR BAF woodland
- BLUFOR BAF desert
- BLUFOR US woodland
- BLUFOR US desert

-vehicleclasses (carD, armouredD, carW, armouredW) make them easier to find
-correct / improved ammo loadouts and types (HEI, HE-T, SLAP, API, Frag, WP, lumes, canister, etc)
-weapons (naming, muzzle velocities, ROF, mag sizes, reload sounds and times, fire control systems)
-optics (night and thermal where appropriate, zeroing, ranging data)
-naming (better vehicle, ammo, mag and weapon names - english alphabet format only at the moment)
-weapon and ammo cargoes (in each vehicle appropriate ammo/weaponry for faction/role)
-better vehicle actions like flip/roll
-working bridgelaying tank and tank recovery with special chieftains

- each tank has unique ammo to its date of manufacture (next years m1a3 clearly has latest stuff + lahat missile) and export/domestic variants
- speeds tweaked to be more realistic (abrams had max road speed offroad)
- AA mg on commander turrets have proper ammo for AA role - later variants of M2 have vehicle and people destroyers like APIT and SLAPT and HEIAP ammo
- later variants of GPMG weapons have dim, bright tracer, armor piercing etc.
- flamethrower, frag, canister, smoke and lumes has special effects
- AAA has special effects (developed for unsung - will release this after uns 2.6 is out)
- SACLOS type missiles have a laser homing option so you can target bunkers
- lots of new sounds (from sgt. savage)
- mag sizes as correct as i can get them
- muzzle velocities and armor piercing / splash of frag/HE/flechettes as correct as I can get them

Modified weapon loadouts using EB_missilebox
Planes have:
CBU eventhandlers
additional fx: contrails, falling stream of shellcasings

Choppers have:
manual missile control for certain missiles
right click/optics access gunner seat (see gdtmod_helicopter_weapons readme)
strobes for friendlies
additional thermal options
additional laser-seeking missiles capability
additional fx: falling stream of shellcasings
CBU eventhandlers
Smoke and illumination flares

- UH-1H Iroquois
- Ka52 Hokum x 16 types (8 roles x 2 skins)
- Mi8 Hip x 56 types (13 types across 5 roles and 5 factions)
- Mi24 Hind x 72 types (8 roles x 3 types x 4 factions)
- Mi28 Havok x 32 types (8 roles x 4 factions)

- L39 Albatros x 12 types (2 seater)
- L59 Super Albatros x 12 types
- Su25 Frogfoot x 44 types (11 roles x 4 factions)
- Su27 Flanker x 65 types (11 roles, 8 factions)
- Su30 Flanker x 68 types (11 roles, 8 factions)
- Su34 Fullback x 22 types (11 roles x 2 skins)
- Mig23 Flogger x 132 types (11 roles x 3 types x 4 factions)
- Mig27 Flogger x 44 types (11 roles x 4 factions)
- Mig29 Fulcrum x 55 types (10 roles, 9 factions)
- Mig35 Fulcrum x 55 types (10 roles, 9 factions)
- Tu-95 Bear x 36 types (5 roles)

- Landrover (SPG, SPG/PK, M2, Transport, Supply)
- Vodnik BPPU
- Vodnik 2xPK
- BRDM-2 x 20 types
- Btr-40 series x 8 types
- Btr60
- Btr90 x 4 types
- BMP1
- BMP2
- BMP3
- T34 series x 3 types
- T54/55 series x 3 types
- T72 series x 3 types
- T90
- SCUD (nuke, chem, clusterbomb, HE warheads) x 6 factions/skins

- ZSU-23-4 Shilka
- ZSU-57-2 Sparka
- S60 57mm AAA
- ZPU4 14.5mm AAA
- Zu23 23mm AAA
- BTR40 ZPU4
- BTR40 Zu23
- Ural Zu23
- Ural S60
- BRDM-2 (SA-9 Gaskin)

Tracked and wheeled versions of:
- S-125 (SA-3 Goa)
- 9K331/9K332 Tor (SA-15 Gauntlet)
- 9K37/9K317 Buk (SA-11 Gadfly /SA-17 Grizzly)
- 2K22 Tunguska (SA-19 Grison)
- 96K6 Pantsir S1 (SA-22 Greyhound)

- AH1 Gazelle x 10 types
- AH1 Scout x 6 types
- AH9 Lynx x 4 types
- AW159 Wildcat x 10 types
- HC3 Merlin
- CH47 Chinook
- MH60 Seahawk
- UH1Y Venom
- UH60 Blackhawk x 3 types
- MH60L DAP x 9 types
- AH6 x 40 types (10 roles x 2 types x 2 skins)
- MH6/EH6 x 5 types
- Bo-105 81 types (9 roles x 9 factions)
- AH1Z Viper x 8 types
- AH1W SuperCobra x 8 types
- AH64D Apache x 16 types

- MQ9 Reaper x 10 types
- AV8B Harrier II x 20 types (10 roles x 2 factions
- A10 Thunderbolt II x 33 types (11 roles x 3 skins)
- F35A Lightning (CTOL) x 22 types (11 roles x 2 factions)
- F35B Lightning (VTOL) x 14 types (7 roles x 2 factions)
- F15 Eagle x 44 types (11 roles x 2 types x 2 skins)
- MV22 Osprey x 6 types (weaponised, animated)
- L159 ALCA x 11 types

- SOC-R assault boats x 6 types
- RHIBs x 2 types

- ATV Quad
- Desert motorbikes x 2 types
- M1161 Growler x 6 types
- HEMTT Repair / Refuel / Rearm / Gun truck / flatbed
- SUV x 3 types (inc Gau19)
- HMMWV x 10 types
- Pandur II x 20 types
- Stryker series x 10 types
- LAV-25 Coyote x 3 types
- AAV-P7/A1 Amtrack x 4 types
- Bradley x 12 types
- M1 Abrams x 5 types

- Chenowth fast attack vehicle x 8 types
- Landrover 6x6 x 2 types
- Landrover Wolf x 16 types - 8 roles (Transport, Supply, M2, Ambulance, WMIK GMG, WMIK M2) x 4 skins
- Jackal x 4 types
- Ridgeback PPV x 2 types
- Mastiff PPV x 6 types
- FV103 Spartan x3 types
- FV107 Scimitar x 2 types
- FV101 Scorpion x 2 types
- FV432 Bulldog x 4 types
- FV510 warrior x 5 types
- FV4201 Chieftain x 5 types (Mk9, Mk11, AVLB, ARRV)
- FV4030 Challenger x 3 types
- FV4034 Challenger 2 x 2 types

- HMMWV Avenger (improved)
- NASAMS (static and mobile)
- C-RAM 20mm vulcan
- MIM-104 Patriot
- AN/MPQ-53 radar and OE-349 antenna mast

AIR WEAPONS include:
- Correct rates of fire, shelldrop from all aircraft, naming, burst modes and enhanced real-world damage values
- 57mm, 70mm, 80mm, 125mm, 130mm, 240mm and 250mm rockets
- White Phosphorus rockets and bombs
- Thermobaric missiles, rockets and bombs
- Blast-frag missiles, rockets and bombs
- Smoke rockets
- Napalm
- Cluster bombs, Clustermines and Combined Effects Munitions
- Retarded bombs
- GPS/INS targeting for cruise missiles and glide-bombs
- Nuclear cruise missiles

for cockpit rearming script for air combat roles:
CAP - Combat Air Patrol, typically mix of AMRAAM and ASRAAMs
CAS - Cloase Air Support, typically FFAR/napalm and HEI cannon (+ smoke FFAR)
AGM - Air-Ground Missiles, typically AGM's and AP cannon
MR - Multi-Role combat, mixed loadout, typically, bombs, rockets, AGM's and AAMs
BMB - Bomber, typically IR bombs (Mk82 or FAB series)
LGB - Laser Guided Bombs, typically mix of GBU's or KAB series
CBU - ClusterBomb Units, typically mix of CBU100 and clustermines
SEAD - Suppression of Enemy Air Defences, typically long range Anti Radar missiles (HARM, ALARM, Anti-Ship and Cruise Misiles)
RUN - Runway interdiction, typically BLU107 or BetAB500 series

This shows how I have renamed the burst types to:
|, || and ||| for single, dual burst and auto fire for bombs and rockets
proper ammo names for
HE (high explosive)
HEI (high explosive incendiary)
APHE (armour penetrating high explosive)
AP (armour piercing)
HEAT (high explosive anti tank)
Tandem HEAT (reactive armour penetrating)
FAE (Fuel Air Explosive - napalm)
TB (Thermobaric - uses fuel/air mix to create a pressure wave to crack bunkers etc)

- molotov cocktails
- DP-28 Degtyarev machine gun
- KSVK / OSV96 placeholder
- Breaching charge
- gas grenades and S10 respirator
- flare pistol
- flashlights
- gas cans
- 10 new hand grenades
- 10 new UGL grenades
- action-based bayonets, knives and silencers

Upgrades all soldiers (including Arma 2, OA and DLC units)
All units (except medics/light units) can:
-carry backpacks

All Engineers, Demolition Specialists and Saboteurs can:
-deactivate mines
-repair vehicles
-carry backpacks

As we always recommend use modfolders to seperate the custom content from the official game content to prevent problems. For different ways to set up your modfolders and use them please visit our FAQ.

When you are using the Steam version you can find a Steam mod installation and activation FAQ here.

Included files:

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

EB_missilebox, FRL_missilebox and EB_Armour readmes have an enormous list of new weapons, mags and ammo for planes, choppers and tanks etc


Known issues:
- The Lynx model geometry needs fixing
- The re_landrover has a shadow problem
- Viewpilot in the chieftain is stuck facing forwards unless you turn out
- Chally 2 GPMG doesn't appear to move
- Mastiff cargo seats don't work properly and HMG has shadow bug

Future plans:
There's still plenty more to do:
- resources module for refueling, knives, medkits, etc
- traps and mines
- statics
- rearming interface (John Spartan/ Myke/ Eggbeast)
- edit Troubles BAFX mlods/textures
- edit UAZ's, etc.
- add ISIS units by Sandbob and edit them (thanks Sandbob)
- Chieftain Tank by Brooks
- Tornado GR4 - thanks dezkit
- Su22 Fitter - thanks Franze!
- B52 by von knudenberg
- F111 from Crash

make new (von knudenberg)
- AH6J - GAU19 50cal minigun
- F35A / A10 / AV8B - BRU-57 dual bomb rack
- Ka52 - 6x Ataka missile rack
- Su25/Su34 - SPPU22 gunpod
- Ka52/Mi24 - GUV 8700 Gunpod AGS
- Ka52/Mi24- GUV 8700 Gunpod MG
- OSV96 Rifle
- M59 Rifle
- FN 9mm pistol

To Do:
- Littlebirds: sort out the sniping from the ski stuff
- V model Mi24 needs Gsh23 in nose
- Mi17 A-12.7 in nose

Credits & Thanks:
See full readmes in the mod, summary below

Rangemaster Mod Pack
by Eggbeast and friends, including:
- Eggbeast (design concepts, configs, integration, some skins and sounds, hexedit and other model fixes by permission, new air models, weapons and scripts)
- hcpookie (half of it, all of the intelligence, loads of new kit, model tweaks)
- Von Knudenberg (grenades, knives, anims, coaching, new plane and heli models, new air weapons)
- Emery, Randy and RubenWolf (chenowth DPV and 6x6 landrovers)
- Sgt. Savage (sounds, fx, unsung content)
- John Spartan, Gnat, Footmunch, GDT HeinBloed, LurchderDurch, wld427, RKSL Rock, UNN, Myke, CSJ, nes4day (air scripts)
- Stiltman and Tobe (A10 skins)
- Feint F-35 skins
- SuperRat - Mi24 skins
- VictorFarbau (Su25 sounds)
- BigPickle (Aircraft sounds, radio chatter, rotorwashes)
- Chris (LAV25 and humvee re-skins)
- Big Dawg KS (40mm gas and buckshot mod)
- Columdrum (resources module)
- larsiano (moral support, mod advice)
- Vilas (CVRT, Sterling, FN 9mm)

Permissions sought where required, and credits provided, where required, for production of this mod pack.
All scripts and content herein have been developed and adapted from original sources acknowledged.
All adaptation carried out by Eggbeast.
Please direct all enquiries, comments, complaints or feedback to Eggbeast, and he will endeavour to accommodate you.
steam: Eggbeast or PM


Creative Commons Licence: Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs

Check the release topic for info.

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Arma 2
- Arma 2: Combined Operations compatibility MP patch (ACR lite)
- Community Base Addons
- British Armed Forces Expanded mod (BAFX)

These are the patches released since version 3.0.
The archive you can download from our main downloadlink is fully up to date but you can also choose to download these smaller patches:

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