Specialist Military Arms (SMA) by blazenchamber
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Blazenchamber released an updated version of the Specialist Military Arms on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    We have updated the latest SMA with some small fixes.

    This update has adjusted the Elcan zeroing default to 100m. Also for some people who Prefer their 4x Elcan optics to work more in line with BI's 4x we now have an Optional Pbo for the Specter to allow the choice to either run both versions of the Elcan or just the one you prefer.

    The choice is yours but there are trade offs to having the 3d 4x zoom on the Elcan so try it and make your own mind up on which you prefer. We don't really need a massive debate here on the forum about it this is why i gave people the options.
    Also optics have much less glare.

    We also fixed the weapon accuracy.

    • Fixed config patches error corrected class names
    • Fixed default zero on Elcan optics now 100m
    • Added ELCAN_ALTZOOM_C pbo in optional folder gives people choice on how they prefer optic to work
    • Adjusted Glare from some optics for clearer view
    • Fixed missing grip pod compatibility on some of the custom HK416 variants
    • Fixed missing Recoils pbo now sets correct Recoils
    • Added Gemtech one suppressor now compatible with 556 weapons
    • Fixed Dispersion values on weapons to correct inaccuracies
    • Fixed SKS ammo not working
    • Fixed optional Vanilla ammo pbo missing class name and now correct folder
    • Fixed cba_jr errors

Written on 2016-10-18 07:54 by Armaholic  

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