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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.5

Short description: Spawns infected in houses

Date: 2014-09-10 14:46

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Infected Script


Based on the "Shaun: a Simple zombie AI" script by Bluebär posted on Armaholic few month ago,
I kept sounds from his script and the "contact" function that check if targets are visible or not.

How infected work:
when spawning he start walking at random points, 100m around his spawn position.
regurarly the infected check if there any uncover target in his line of sight.
if he detect a target he start running at him, if distance <2m he does damage, he will
lose his target if distance >100m then will return walk around his spawn point.

Installation / Usage:
- Add the following in your description.ext file:
#include "infected\infectedsounds.hpp";
 #include "infected\cfgfunctions.hpp";

How to use::
create a unit in the editor, add in the init box:
null = this spawn INF_fnc_infecthim  
Or create a marker and name it, create a trigger and put in "on act":
null= [thistrigger,["marker01"],100, false, true] spawn INF_fnc_infectedzone;
In this order:
- thistrigger : this one never change.
- ["marker01"] : the name of your marker. can be multiple ["marker01","marker02"]
- 100 : infecteds to spawn.
- false : spawn in houses: true/false
- true : respawn after last player leave the trigger : true/false
here infecteds will be created as soon as any player enter the trigger, if he leave they all will be "frozen", and reactivated if he come again, so don't use "repeat" on the trigger

Then you can use the "horde" trigger, it's a bit different:
infecteds will attack the player that activate
the trigger and his group ONLY, if all players are dead, they will return to
their spawn point and die:
null= [thistrigger,["pop000"],15,false] spawn INF_fnc_initHorde;
In this order:
- thistrigger : this one never change.
- ["pop000"] : the name of your marker. can be multiple ["pop000","pop001"]
- 15 : infecteds to spawn on every markers
- false : spawn in houses: true/false


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- cleaning the mess
- added "firedNear" eventhandler
- infecteds will investigate gunshot sound position except in case of silenced weapons usage
- infecteds can now change target when attacking.

- new triggers
- infecteds now use different posture, crouching and crawling

- You can now create markers and triggers

- first release

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