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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2

Short description: This is a direct enhancement of ppEffectsViewer by Przemek_kondor that I'm releasing on his consent.

Date: 2014-08-03 19:15

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ppEffects viewer v2


This is a direct enhancement of ppEffectsViewer by Przemek_kondor that I'm releasing on his consent. For now it's only for Arma 2 with no idea when/if an Arma 3 port might happen (I hear Arma 3 does the GUI somewhat different and thus the mission will not be "directly portable", besides I don't own a copy of Arma 3 at this time).

I initially intended to just increase the size of the sliders and add a background for better visibility of color-correction sliders for personal convenience but ended up with a lot more.

Installation / Usage:
Extract the .pbo file(s) to your ArmA2OA\Missions folder.

Like original. Via radio menu. Access it from the action menu (scrolling the mouse-wheel by default) entry "ppEffects" or by pressing 0 twice. Note that the effects are disabled by default, so to see the effects you will need to click the enable button once you've chosen an effect from the menu. Also, effects other than color-corrections will require post-processing to be enabled in the game's video settings.

The editboxes allow entering more decimals than the minimum slider-step and what hints display (however it will be applied to the effect as entered) which allows to temporarily test the tiniest value-difference

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to Przemek_kondor for the original mission and encouragement to release this.

- Added background for better visibility of sliders
- Added slider value editboxes for value preview and input
- Added "multiplier" buttons for contrast and offset (in case somebody wants that heavy posterization effect or something)
- Added RGB-slider locking for color corrections (move all components together)
- Added aperture preview (not included in export)
- Added per-slider and general slider & value reset functionality
- Added draggable move-handle
- Added compact string export (without spaces in the array-part)
- Added clipboard import (however will report otherwise working effects that have values outside the bounds displayable by the UI as invalid)
- Added hint-notice when copying to clipboard
- Added hint-notice when modifying dynamic blur

- Increased slider-height
- Reversed the sliders (lower values towards the bottom)
- Modified ranges for brightness (from 0..1 to 0..2), contrast (from 0..1 to 0..2 or 0..100 with multiplier) and offset (from 0..1 to -3..1 or -19..1 with multiplier)
- Modified precision of brightness, offset and color inversions (from 1/100 to 1/1000; since brightness "screens" quickly above 1, offset crushes dark detail quickly below 0 and color inversions apply quite noticeable differences at sub-1/100 steps)
- Modified step/page "speeds" of sliders for fine control
- Modified text strings to fit containers (and vice versa) This depends on the used aspect ratio apparently and will not look 100% as intended with some formats
- RPT export now outputs only the code without surrounding double-quotes
- Made the daytime slider initialize and stick to current time

- Fixed showing a leftover from previous color correction (and other effects?) when first enabling

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