Author: AirFell85
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: A small Keypad Script

Date: 2014-08-08 00:15

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AirFell's Keypad Script


A quick and easy script/dialog that outputs a string, could have many uses, locks, hacking laptops, who knows. Get Creative!

1. Copy the folder AF_Keypad directly into your mission.stratus/mission.altis folder.
2. In your init.sqf file copy and paste in the line:
_nul = []execVM "AF_Keypad\AF_KP_vars.sqf";
3. In your description.ext file copy and paste in these two lines:
#include "AF_Keypad\AF_KP_defines.hpp"
#include "AF_Keypad\AF_KP_dialogs.hpp"
4. Enjoy!

Once the keypad files are installed in your mission directory and you have the init.sqf and description.ext set up, you need to call the dialog from somewhere. Most common method would be an addaction, but other methods could be used. Surprise me!

Basic Addaction method:
player addAction["Open Keypad",{createDialog "AF_Keypad";}];

Once a user hits enter on the dialog keypad, it will return a string (collection of
alpha-numeric characters) to the variable name OutputText

*OutputText is a GLOBAL VARIABLE.
From the wiki:
"Global variables are visible on the whole computer where they are defined."

*There is no character limit on the string length. You have been warned.

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to Iceman77 and h8ermaker on the Dialog tutorial.

- released as-is. If someone has any suggestions I may come back to this, otherwise it is what it is.

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- BI Forums

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