Author: [TAA] Jérôme
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.1

Short description: Add time to repairation to make them more realistic

Date: 2014-08-16 10:07

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[TAA] Realistic Repair

[TAA] Jérôme

This script add time for repairing all landvehicles depending on how the parts of these vehicles are damaged.
You have to check the vehicle to see if a part is damaged. Then if there is some casualties you will be able to repair.While you are repairing you are able to stop and resume the repairation at will and you can also cancel the repairation if you need to.

Adding time to repair
All part stats of the vehicle
Stop and resume the repair as wanted
Cancel repair
Every class you want can repair
Can modify the time for repairing
Can Refuel Vehicle and Aircraft with Canister
Can Repair Aircraft
Can Change the stats of the part to see State Instead of Percent of Damage

Installation / Usage:
Put The files into your mission's folder then add:
execVM "TAA_Repair_script\TAA_init.sqf";

If you want to change the class open TAA_init.sqf
If you want to change the timing settings open TAA_realistic_repair.sqf

Don't forget to read the readme.txt

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Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to Black Puma and Jimi Vacarians for the tips!

- Fixed some bugs and issues
- Added TAA Fuel System
- TAA Realistic Repair Works with Aircraft
- Repair's animation changed
- User can set to see the State instead of the Percent of Damages

- First Release

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Tags: Damage,   Realism,   Repair,   Toolkit