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Siege-A released an updated version of his UnderSiege Patches and Insignias on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    1350 New Patches & Insignias Added. 4525 Total.

    Not much to say, other than another patches update with tons more added. This update was mainly focused around adding all the country flags, which makes up about half of the pack, with each country flag coming in 3 variants (Frame, Name, & Shield). Also adding in 4 new pbo's for the countries of Greece, Iraq, Israel, and Pakistan. The Field Manual section for this addon has been updated to include better information regarding each individual pack. Started doing some cleanup with the classnames, so as always be sure to check the ClassList if having trouble.

    Even though this was the biggest update so far, it still didn't quite fill all requests as I had thought. Time is wearing thin for me, so I decided to go ahead and pack what is done to at least get it released. More additions will be coming, to address some of the requests that were missed and to focus more directly on already included addon packs.

    The roadmap for this addon, from version 1.6 to 1.7, will be to expand further upon included modules which have been neglected since introduced. As well as upgrading many of the outdated (128x) patches to 256x.

    Hope you all enjoy this update, which is packed full of new morale patches for everyone, and some smaller additions to all previous categories.

    • Added: 1350 New Patches & Insignias
    • Added: USP_Patches_GRE.pbo
    • Added: USP_Patches_IRQ.pbo
    • Added: USP_Patches_ISR.pbo
    • Added: USP_Patches_PAK.pbo
    • Updated: Mod Field Manual
    • Updated: ClassNames/ClassList

Written on 2017-03-06 08:43 by Siege-A  

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