Author: Sparfell
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 3.0
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: adds various new units created with vanilla weapons, equipements and textures (no other addons required).

Date: 2020-04-19 12:23

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Missing Units - Complete package


This addon adds various new units created with vanilla weapons, equipements and textures (no other addons required). New units and vehicles can be found in the editor and in Zeus as far as new groups corresponding to.
Configs are made by myself but all the rest (textures, models, etc) must be credited to BIS.
More informations :

New Units :
- NATO and CSAT combat divers
- Medic divers (AAF, NATO and CSAT)
- NATO special forces
- CSAT Russian special forces
- AAF's greendaggers (special forces)
- CTRG forces
- Non-touristic civilian unit

New Factions :
- ISAS (islamist guerilla fighters)
- Mercenaries
- HPM (Hellenic Patriotic Militias)

New vehicles :
- Colored littlebirds
- Civilian helicopters
- Civilian trucks
- Nato strider
- And more

New items :
- Uniforms
- Vests
- Headgears
- Bags

To install the Missing Units - Complete package you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Each .pbo is independant and can be suppressed according to your desires.
In the mod folder you will find all .pbo, keys, a test mission and a PDF file that document classnames and mod features.

Known issues:
- Russian units speak persian. :eek:

I'm open for any kind of suggestions so if you've got some ideas about units that could be added, feel free to make a proposal.

Future plans:
- Your turn!

Credits & Thanks:
- BIS for textures, models, etc, etc.
- Sparfell for the config files (and one texture modification).
- Diesel5187 for the NATO Strider config (it helped me on learning basic texture replacement).
- JHard for telling me about the russian texture for CSAT uniform.
- Members of BIS forum for giving answers to my questions.
- Members of CPC community on ArmA for giving answers to my questions.
- GeneralKong, Odie0351, Jonpas, Irik and dreadpirates for support, bug report and suggestions.
- somesangheili for his list of all hidden textures.

- Added 2 AAF uniform color variants (sand and jungle)
- Added 1 Gendarmerie uniform color variant
- Added Static M2 HMG for several factions
- Added probability for a shield on offroads HMG

- Fully reworked mercenary faction
- Added new OPFOR faction : Livonian Partisans
- Added 35 guerilla uniform variants
- Added 4 Light Chest Rigs (no camel back)
- Added 6 Carrier Rigs variants without belts
- Added 1 black LBV Harness variant
- Added 2 black CSAT helmet variants
- Added 6 US Assault Pack variants
- Added 1 light combat helmet variant
- Re-added russian rebreather
- Reworked CSAT russian units loadouts
- Use of Contact russian identity for CSAT russian units
- Many config updates

- Use of Contact DLC content into current factions

- Added 36 guerilla uniform variants
- Added AAF EOD Vest
- Reworked random civilian script
- Reworked unit config (mainly AI related values)
- Reworked some unit loadouts
- Reworked DiplayNames (use of vanilla strintables)

- Added Kerry vest variant in two colors (thanks to zukov)
- Added NATO Light helmet variant without the headset (thanks to zukov)
- Removed Mk20 with opfor camo (texture removed by BI)
- Removed black ACPC2 (texture removed by BI)

- Added 3DEN preview pictures for all units
- Added Mk20 with opfor camo
- Added black ACPC2
- Added a greendagger unit equipped with ADR
- Fixed missing group icons in 3DEN
- Various fixes

- Changed AT launchers for some units (using launchers form tank DLC)
- Added some new AT units (using launchers form tank DLC)
- Added MB 4WD armed variants (AT and LMG) for some MU factions
- Added a Gorgon for HPM
- Changed some groups configs
- Removed unarmed marid (not compatible with tank DLC update)

- Added Gorgon for NATO and NATO (Pacific)
- Added Strider for NATO (Pacific)
- Minor config and loadouts adjustments

- ArmA 1.62 adaptation
- Added headgear randomization for mercs
- Improved uniforms used by mercs and ISAS
- Some units are now using Apex DLC Weapons and items
- ISAS, MERCS and HPM factions are now using some Apex DLC vehicles
- Minor fixes

- 3DEN adaptation
- Civilian trucks are now hidden (added by BIS in 1.58)
- Added guerilla garment uniform variants (thanks dreadpirate and somesangheili)
- Added 1 wetsuit and rebreather variant
- Added Rolled-up and tshirt Combat Fatigues variants
- Added 1 VR suit variant with no lights (thanks somesangheili)
- Added 1 coverall variant (thanks somesangheili)
- optional AAF night is no longer supported

- Fixed : Missing script when placing down a random civilian
- Added : Persian Random civilian
- Fixed Vests protection values according to 1.54

- Fixed error in rpt : "Item STR_MU_units_Diver_medic listed twice"
- Added : logo in VA.
- changed cost value for all units according to ASRAI standards

- Fixed wrong classnames for HPM and CSAT combat diver ammunitions.

- Changed black carrier rig model to match with 1.46.
- ASRAI compatibility is now directly integrated.
- Added Civilian.pbo classnames in documentation.
- Fixed visibility of some base class in zeus.

- Fixed police officer headgear ramdomization.
- Fixed a lot of small things in the config files.
- Reworked all configs files.
- Changed classnames for all weapons in config. It will break your scripts or missions if your were calling these classnames.
- Added new pbo : MU_CORE. all other pbos require MU_CORE in order to work properly.
- Added new pbo : MU_CIVILIAN. It add a civilian with randomized gear that does not look like a tourist.
- Added new pbo : MU_ASSET. Include retextured assets (with texture already included in Arma3) : 5 uniforms, 5 vests, 5 headgear, 4 bags.
- Added Bidpods to some units.
- Added 6 New units : Russian marksman, CTRG MG, CTRG Asst MG, NATO SF Sniper, HPM MG (navid) and HPM Asst MG.
- Replaced some marksman weapons by weapons from the DLC.
- Removed the ISAS custom truck texture.
- Removed RHS optionnal configs.
- Updated ASRAI optionnal config.

- Fixed optional config for ASRAI
- Added optional config for AGM

- Fixed languages for some ISAS units.
- Reworked all configs files.
- Reworked NATO SF gears.
- Reworked gear for 'I_MU_mercs_medic_F'.
- Reworked Groups configs for better compatibility with ALIVE (except MU_CTRG), I hope it will work.
- Changed Russian units are now part of CSAT faction.
- Added New faction called "HPM" (Hellenic Patriot Milicia) under Opfor side.
- Added various vehicles and static weapons for ISAS and Mercenaries.
- Added flag markers and flag poles for ISAS and Mercs.
- Added New civilian police officer and police offroad (MU_VEHICLES).
- Added Mod.cpp.
- Added Optional AGM patch configs for Missing Units (concerning AGM_explosives).
- Added Optional RHS replacement configs for Missing Units (MU_RU and MU_SF).
- Added Optional ASRAI3 config for Missing Units.

- Fixed: wrong textures for some vehicles (offroads and truck).
- Changed: CTRG sniper has now a black sniper rifle.
- Changed: Beenie for CTRG squad leader.
- Added: Speedboat with CTRG crew.
- Added: Sniper unit for greendaggers.
- Added: Optional PBO that supress NVG and add flashlight on most AAF units.

- Added compatibility with FFV (Firing From Vehicles)
- Fixed russian uniform class (the uniform was invisible in virtual arsenal)

- Added a new PBO for AAF special force units that can be found in the editor under "men (Green Daggers)".
- Added four ground vehicles for the Mercenaries : unarmed offroad, armed offroad, repair offroad and quad bike.
- Added One ground vehicles for ISAS : truck.
- Added values concerning IA for all units (camouflage, accuracy, cost, threat, sensitivity, detectskill).
- Added AGM 0.93 compatibility. Enginneers and explosive specialist now have defusal kits and clackers into their loadouts.
- Changed mercenary sniper's loadout. He doesn't wear balaclava anymore
- Changed ISAS offroads' texture randomization script for more desert-like patterns.

- Fixed Zeus compatibility

- first release

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