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Short description: The Community Tools Updater is a very simple application able to check if the supported tools need to be updated/installed

Date: 2014-08-19 17:14

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Community Tools Updater


Some of you may already know I was working on such project. It was delayed, postponed because of lack of time, it has required more analysis and conception than planned... but, today, here we are.

First, if you're wondering if it's the same tool released yesterday in the dev branch of Poseidon Tools: Yes, it is!

The Community Tools Updater is a very simple application able to check if the supported tools need to be updated/installed. If an update is needed, it downloads the new version from a depot maintained by the tool author(s) and install the newer version without asking a single question.

The main purpose is to provide to the modding community a simple method to install/update the tools they need without being forced to hunt news on all over the web and take the risk to download an outdated version (I saw this many times with Poseidon Tools). More, the risk of installing an outdated version is avoided by a simple fact: It's the tool maker that update the depot with his work, not a random person.

You may recognize some tools made by the community veteran Mikero and some other made by me.

For users:
Usage is very simple, just download it, extract where you want and use it
In short-term, the updater will update itself when needed, but for the moment, you just need to take a look at this topic or the depot.

It downloads the depot manifest at startup, then checks for updates. Once it's started, you can:
Explore the local depot (place where all downloads are stored, including installers and zip tools)
Clear local depot (delete the entire depot, just to be sure to do not have unnecessary files)
Populate local depot (this synchronizes your local depot with the server depot)
Update / Install (obviously, install or update the tools that need it and are checked)

For tools developers:
For now, only Poseidon Tools and Mikero tools "packages" are included, but I'm looking for more developers to join us. If you're interested, just let me a message here or a PM!

In the best case, your tools need an installer that can take one of the following startup parameters:

And one of the following if there are some configuration to do during the installation:

or way to define the configuration in command line
If your tool supports this kind of options but not these ones, it's just a matter of exception, not a big deal here. By the way, if you don't have an installer, note that NSIS does the job perfectly (used by Mikero Tools) and is very user friendly.

Supported tools:
  • ArmA3p (1)
  • Rapify (1)
  • SteamToolCheck (2)
  • MoveFolder (1)
  • IsRap (1)
  • DeWss (1)
  • ExtractPbo (1)
  • DeWrp (1)
  • DeRtm (1)
  • MoveObject (1)
  • GetDePboVersion (1)
  • DePew (1)
  • DeRap (1)
  • DeTex (1)
  • LintCheckRapV (2)
  • DeP3d (1)
  • texConverters (2)
  • Poseidon Tools (*)
  • TM4 Indenter (*)
  • MakePbo (1)
  • SetVersion (1)
  • DePbo (1)
  • QueryAddons (1)
  • pboProject (1)
  • Eliteness (1)
  • ConvertWrp (1)
  • DeKey (1)
  • DeOgg (1)
  • DePac (1)
  • (1) Fully supported (check version, install/update)
    (2) Partial support (check version, tool available in the local depot when populated)
    (*) Will be supported soon (this tool is supported by the updater but the tool is not yet ready to be used with it)

  • Changed: Log level is now "DEBUG"
  • Fixed:$__9(Object a0, EventArgs a1) error on startup
    If this occurs with this hot fix, once you've clicked continue on the error box, do ATL+F4. The main window should be displayed after some seconds, perform an update, then, error shouldn't occur anymore.

  • v0.14.9.0
  • Added: UI skin
  • Added: Basic menu with some action like "populate the depot"
  • Added: Splash screen during the initialization
  • Added: dialog with tool info (button "[details]")
  • Added: Ability to force the re-install for up to date tools
  • Added: Logs (CommunityToolsUpdater\Logs)
  • Added: Readme
  • Added: right click on the table for "mass selection"
  • Changed: The updater now restart itself after an update
  • Changed: No more console used, everything is handled by the updater
  • Changed: Security improved
  • Changed: Timeout on network operation raised from 500 ms to 3 000 ms
  • Fixed: Freeze during the initialization
  • Fixed: Potential CTD during installation (missing installer)

  • Forum topic:
    - BI forums

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