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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 3.2
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Killoch's multi-national pack is a retexture pack which aims to bring a huge variety of Infantry units to your games in a single pack.

Date: 2015-12-04 13:21

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Killochs Multi-National Pack


Killoch's multi-national pack is a retexture pack ( Created by myself ), which aims to bring a huge variety of Infantry units to your games in a single pack. The pack features 57 "factions", or distinct groups or camouflage patterns, and well over 300 Gear items to achive this, which represent a dozen real world groups, including the USMC, US Army, Russian Federation, Peoples Republic of China, North and South Korea, New Zealand, Australia, Finland, Norway, Germany, Canada, the UK and Ireland and many other fictional Generic groups. Though Intended primarily as a Gear pack, from where you can make your own loadouts, the pack comes with a limited variety of AI units that can be placed in the editor for all 57 Factions (489 AI units) and placeable groups. Understanding the constraints and headaches of creating a Modpack for groups, The filesize has been kept as small as I could and comes in at ~340Mb. The pack has no external Dependencies.

United States Marine Corps (MARPAT)
United States Marine Corps (MARPAT Desert)
United States Marine Corps (T-Pattern) **
United States Marine Corps (6-Color Desert) **
United States Arctic Warfare (MARPAT Snow)
United States Army (ACU)
United States Army (Scorpion W2) **
United States Army Rangers (Scorpion W2) *
United States Army (M81 Woodland) *
United States Army (3 Color Desert) *
German Bundeswehr (Flecktarn) *
German Bundeswehr (Desert Flecktarn) *
Canadian Army (CADPAT)
Canadian Army (CADPAT Desert)
Australian Army (Auscam)
Australian Army (AMCU) **
Republic of Korea (Granite-B) *
Republic of Korea Marines (Digital Tiger) **
Generic OD Security services (OD)
United Kingdom 2 Para (DPM) **
United Kingdom 2 Para (DDPM) **
Israeli Defence Forces (Drab) **
Military "Advisors" (Tiger Stripe) **

Chinese PLA (Type 07 Universal) *
Chinese PLA (Type 07 Arid) *
Chinese PLA Naval Marines (Type 07 Ocean) *
Chinese PLA Heavy Infantry *
Chinese PLA Heavy Infantry (Arid)
Russian VDV (Digital Flora)
Russian VDV (Digital Desert)
Russian Heavy Infantry
Russian Heavy Infantry (Desert)
Korean Peoples Army Conscripts (Drab)
Korean Peoples Army Regulars (Woodland)
CSAT Arctic Warfare (White)
Russian Infantry (Flora) *
Russian Infantry (TTsKO) *
Russian Infantry (Airborne Amoeba) *
Russian Infantry (Reed) **
Donetsk Peoples Republic (Spekter-S - Summer) **
Donetsk Peoples Republic (Spekter-S - Autumn) **
Iranian Republican Guard (Digital Desert) **
Iranian Republican Guard Basij Militia (Basij Digital) **

Local Volunteer Militia, LVM (MIXED Woodland) *
Local Volunteer Militia, Desert (MIXED Desert)
National Peoples Army, NPA (DPM) *
National Peoples Army, NPA (6CO) *
Allied States of America, ASA (Mixed) *
Altis Revolutionary Council, ARC (OD)
Defence Forces Ireland (Irish DPM)
Defence Forces Ireland (Irish Desert DPM)
New Zealand Defence Forces (MCUPAT)
Finish Defence Forces (M05 Woodland Pattern)
Finish Defence Forces (M05 Snow Pattern)
Norwegian Army ( M/98 Woodland)
Norwegian Army ( M/03 Desert)
Army of the Czech Republic (Vz.95 Woodland) **

~57 Camo Patterns representing over a dozen real and several fictional groups
489 AI units
360 Retextured Gear Items

To install the Killochs Multi-National Pack you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use the Killochs Multi-National Pack please refer to the included documentation.

You can find a gallery of the original 25 Factions here, many have since been updated and this should no longer be viewed as representative:
With some more Action shots here:

Credits & Thanks:
BI for the original models and textures
Saul & JohnSpartan for their offer of help early on
Members of ShackTactical for support and testing
SomerenV, Rusty and others who made many wonderful camoflage patterns publicly available on the FP forums.
Sudden from East Vs. West for the use of his Soviet Helmets
zx64, Taconic, Boka & Boganova for technical and faction suggestions

Reattached arm muscles to several new soldiers, they can now throw grenades and place explosives
Added new Irregular winter units and their hats
Unblocked Coyote Backpacks ( Thanks to corsa1r for pointing this out)
Fixed broken Police units
Added new PLA temperate "Artillery" pattern and Police Special Forces Pattern and some associated gear
Added Hidden Festive Jumpers
Added "Tan LBV"'s, identical to the Vanilla OPFOR LBV with some armour added in
Un-Ruffled VDV Beret
Washed Tiger Stripe boonies until they were as dull as the uniform
Added some sort of urban digital urban pattern
Revised the USMC patterns
Added a number of 1960's African Merc. inspired patterns incl. Bush camo, French Lizard and "Duck"
Iranian uniforms no longer need testing

get the Armour working with the new PPS update, it should give all armor in the pack working values.

- Major retexturing work.
- Many Additional Factions:
-- e.g. Iranian Republican guard,
-- Donetsk Peoples Republic (Novorussian),
-- Ukranian Army,
-- US Army Scorpion W2 pattern,
-- Czech republic,
-- United Kingdom,
-- Tiger Stripe,
-- Australian Multicam,
-- ROK Marines
-- Israel
- Generalised ( i.e removed flags ) several uniforms.
- The apperance of some units may have changed slightly in 3.00
- Re color-balanced many textures.
- Likely other things I failed to document at the time.

- The pack has been entirely updated and brought back into line with standard A3 armor. Most armor pieces will be less resistant to small arms and explosives are once again dangerous at close range.
- also included everything new I've worked on up to now. No new groups unfortunatly, but you will find a dozen new Backpacks and 9 new PASGT helmets, once again thanks to Sudden from E vs. W mod.

- Added 16 New groups and associated new gear items to the pack

- Changes to Russian Headgear
- Changes to Most Boonies
- Corrected Missing Model .rpt spam
- Fixed Canadian Boonies

- first release

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- BI forums

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