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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.12
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Short description: The GetTactical Interface is taking freedom and depth to new levels by enabling you to decide if you want to play a full-fledged top-down tactical RTS, your well-known FPS enhanced or the hybrid of the two.

Date: 2016-01-15 14:03

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GetTactical - a tactical-RTS interface


Arma 3 is about freedom and depth.
The GetTactical Interface is about taking these to new levels by enabling you to decide if you want to play a full-fledged top-down tactical RTS, your well-known FPS enhanced or the hybrid of the two all with a single keypress.

To install the GetTactical - a tactical-RTS interface you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Visit, download and play The Black Rain Project mission's tutorial.. (recommended)
WARNING! Mission itself is broken, but tutorial is fine.

A quick-manual for the reader types:
PRESS your GetTactical Ke y to e nter/exit interface.
HOLD your GetTactical Key to enter Quick Command mode,
HOLD MIDDLE MOUSE BUTTON or HOLD ALT key to rotate the camera.
Use your default MOVEMENT KEYS to move the camera. WARNING! Arrow keys cannot be used!
LEFT CLICK selects (unit or wp), RIGHT-CLICK commands! (The target, follow, un-follow icons are commands)
RIGHT CLICK-HOLD & DRAG with a unit selected lets you specify his direction, speed and pose (move your mouse and use mouse-wheel)
SINGLE CLICK on buttons works for selected unit. (The red and green stripes under unit's name works too)
DOUBLE CLICK on buttons works for whole team effect.
SHIFT + RIGHT CLICK enables force move. This is a new feature: you can only click where there is a STRAIGHT LOS! But then unit will run as fast as possible in all circumstances.
You can sync waypoints by HOLDING LEFT-CLICK on one and DRAGGING it to another. At a synced waypoint units will wait for each other.
DOUBLE-CLICK on a unit poitions the camera on him.
SHIFT + DOUBLE-CLICK on a unit will make the unit player.

Team Management Layer MANUAL NEW IN V1.8
PRESS and HOLD CTRL to enter team management mode.
There is two independent layers of mass unit management: sub-groups, and rubber command.
Any unit can get a rubber command and he will follow it.
If a unit is in a sub-group, he will follow his leader if the leader gets an individual order.

blue buttons: these buttons extend the already known sub-team system with some quick grouping commands.
The system is semi intelligent: if you have a selected unit, he will be the leader, if not, the closest unit to where the cam looks will be the leader.
ALL: all units will be in the same group and instantly follow leader. (it's like the 0-1-1 command)
DIS: all units disband. This button deletes all sub-teams instantly.
SPT: cancels all subgroups and splits all units into two subgroups.
CLS: puts close units into a sub-group. Close to either a selected unit, or to the one in the center of view.
SEL: puts red-selected units into a sub-group.

red colorcode: indicates rubber-command related things. Rubber command is the fastest mass unit command mode and is independent from sub-groups. You can think of it as a batch WP utility.
- by LEFT CLICK red select/deselect units (semi automatic, considers sub grouped units, unit in center of view, etc. - for initial selection)
- by RIGHT HOLD draw one or more lines with your mouse
- RELEASE CTRL: units will have synced wps along the drawn line, facing outwards from the curve

Your default GetTactical Key is CapsLock.
Press it the first time you enter a mission with this mod. Then you'll have a settings panel to customize your cam-controls, with persistant, global settings.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

The mod supports 10 units maximum
It may or may not work with a specific mission: I can't foretell. (There is witchcraft included in the sripts: you've been warned)
It all depends on how [unit switching] and [changing the player unit] is handled in the mission.
> The mod disregards unit-switching limitations within the players group.
> The mod creates a hidden player unit and attaches it to your last real-player unit when in top-down view. (so you can command all units yet the triggers trigger)
These can be enough to break a weaker mission. You shall note this: so you don't come crying.
Vehicle handling is still WIP. Infantry works well.

Credits & Thanks:
To every member of this forums who've been helping me for the past 4 years. Especially:
RĂ¼be (he showed me that the editor is really for sissies only)
KillzoneKid (I'd be nowhere around without his site)
Das Attorney (The helpful smart man)
Larrow (The other helpful smart man)
iceman77 (The father of every UI orphan)
kylania (One more helpful smart man)
demonized (Another)
deadfast (And another)
Kremator (The great admirer of new releases. THE feedback giver)
To my family and my two kids who were born in the meantime
BIS for making not a game but a canvas you can paint on. Such addon wouldn't be possible in too many games.

FIX: Gamebreaking stuck bug now fixed at last.
CHANGED: Quick Command mode doesn't use a camera anymore, and you can move around while in it.

FIX: hide mechanism rewritten from scratch. No more disappearing units.
FIX: interference with default UI is fixed
TWEAKED: forced move tweaked (it's still jaggy, but it is as good as it can get)
ADDED: the switched-to-unit's name is shown when exiting the interface (I usually get lost in who I just switched into)

- FIX: Game update 1.42 broke the initial formations

FIX: grenade mode didn't work. Now it does.
FIX: rubber command gave stand WPs only. It now copies unit's current stance.
FIX: units stopped on interface open. Now they keep on following player or doing whatever they are supposed to.
FIX: sometimes player unit stayed in "wait" BIS mode. If it happens again just open and close interface.
FIX: autostart mode was removed. It caused more errors than benefit.

- Add: team management layer

- Add: Hotkey selection (F1...F10)
- Add: camera turning/moving on the edge of the screen (can be set in the settings)
- Add: "All! Follow x!" quick button.
- Add: Autostart function
- Fix: Several engine fixes under the hood.

- Fixed loadgame bug

- fixed some issues

- FIX: Load game bug is hopefully fixed
- ADD: space button now switches between realtime and plan mode
- ADD: you can now throw grenade 360 degrees
- FIX: several smaller bugfixes

- ADD: Cam can be rotated by HOLDING ALT
- ADD: Start in Plan mode switch added to the settings
- FIX: Most urgent fixes for units in vehicles. Note! Vehicles are not treated as separate units yet, but at least they are not broken and can be used as infantry units.
- FIX: Selected WP stayed on after deleted a plan
- TUNE: tuned Force move when obstructed, resulting in more believable ghosting
- FIX: some more minor code fixes

- first release

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Community Base addons A3

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