All in Arma Terrain Pack (AiA TP) - A1/A2/OA terrains from BI in A3
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kju submitted an updated version of the All in Arma Terrain Pack (AiA TP) which he also released on the BI forums.

When you have already installed version 2014-10-18 or version 2015-01-01 of the All in Arma Terrain Pack (Lite or full) use the patch to update your exisiting installation!

Quote :

All in Arma Terrain Pack (AiA TP) allows you to use all your beloved Arma terrains by BI in Arma 3: Features:
  • All BI terrains from A1, A2, OA and its DLCs
  • Allows the use of most community made terrains from A1/A2/OA in A3
  • No waterline bug on most custom terrains (ponds are removed completely as BI has no solution)
  • Makes it possible to port and play game modes/missions from previous Arma titles in A3
  • Preview images in terrain selection
  • Alphabetic ordering in terrain selection
  • New A3 tech lighting and street lamps
  • Adjusted object penetration and impact effects
  • Dust from infantry and vehicle movement
  • Correctly falling walls
  • More organic landscape textures for Chernarus
  • Fully MP compatible
  • Working save games in SP
  • Works with ZEUS
  • No rpt errors and missing strings
  • Signed version
  • Lite version for improved performance and smaller download
  • Extra standalone data only version and each terrain as separate download
  • Fast and simple all-in-one download via torrent or mega
  • 7z compressed for smaller and thus quicker download

  • Added: A3 style grass in ACR terrains.
  • Changed: set author to BI terrains.
  • Changed: tweaked Utes' clutter.
  • Changed: Summer Chernarus has now its own map preview.
  • Fixed: crash in Chernarus/terrain with A2 structures due to faulty texture.
  • Fixed: A1 terrain crashes due to map grid definitions.
  • Fixed: EnvSounds for Takistan, Zargabad and Takistan (cut out).

Written on 2015-01-07 17:38 by kju  

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