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Version: 0.5

Short description: A server monitor utility for Arma 3 linux servers.

Date: 2016-02-14 18:46

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Arma Server Monitor - Linux


ArmA Server Monitor (ASM) was created by Fred41 to monitor Windows ArmA 2 or ArmA 3 game servers.
ASM for Linux is the same thing for Linux Arma 3 servers. It consists of:
  • a shared library, that is called from Arma 3.
  • a small application, asm that runs as a service on the game server.

There are more detailed instructions here: Wiki - Arma Server Monitor for Linux

The quick start instructions are:
- Download from Fred41's GitHub page and extract that to your Arma 3 server directory
- Remove ASMdll.dll
- Change the names of the files from to all-lowercase letters.
- Download the binary release of ASM for Linux from here and extract that somewhere.
- Copy asm and to your A3 server directory.
- Move ("cd") into the A3 server directory and run the ASM service in the background:
./asm -s &>asm.out &
- Start the A3 server with the @asm mod folder loaded. (Alternatively, you can put asm.pbo into the A3 addons folder)
- From your Windows machine, connect the ArmaServerMonitor.exe GUI client to your A3 server.
- Start Arma 3 and join the Linux A3 server. Start a mission.
- Now observe the runtime stats of the Linux A3 server in the Windows GUI app.

Known issues:
Bug reports are welcome, either here, but preferably on the Dev-Heaven project issue tracker here

asm renamed to armaservermonitor, various bug fixes

Fixed erratic CPS calculation that caused the glitchy graph in ArmaServerMonitor

- Show asmdll initialization in the Arma server log output:
2015/05/09, 9:08:08 "ASM.fsm started"
asmdll: reading settings from ./asm.ini
asmdll: extension loaded
asmdll: init successful, pid 20012, using slot 0

- Fixed: hung server-side instances would make the client receive garbage data.

- first release

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- Arma Server Monitor - Windows (ASM.pbo and ASM.ini)
- The 32-bit runtime libraries for GNU clib and Gnome GLib 2.

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