Author: EvroMalarkey
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.4.0
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This mod containts various infantry units, weapons and equipment.

Date: 2019-04-07 14:18

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Army of the Czech Republic A3 - ACR_A3

ACR_A3 Team

I would like to introduce you our long going czech community project, it was annouced year ago on armaholic, but since then there wasn't much progress.
Few months back we re-annouced it here on BI forums and since then we made huge progress and few czech communities were testing the mod privately, but today we would like to release it for everyone!

This mod containts various infantry units, weapons and equipment. Weapons are ports from Arma 2 with improved textures and they're using animations from @hlcmods_core, but there still needs to be some work done. For now the main focus was on units and weapons. Later, we may bring some of the vehicles from A2.

ASSETS - List of classnames can be found here.
vz. 95
vz. 95 (Recon)
vz. 95 Desert
vz. 95 Desert (Recon)
vz. 95 MOUT
vz. 95 MOUT Desert

- Retexture of all A3 NATO variants
vz. 95
vz. 95 Desert
MOUT Desert
- Other woodland and desert variants
vz. 95 officer's uniform
vz. 95 sweater uniform
Pilot uniform
Ghillie Suit

- Retexture of all A3 NATO variants
vz. 95
- Retexture of all AAF variants
vz. 95

MICH 2000 Covered (vz. 95, desert and woodland)
MICH 2000 Covered with Goggles (vz. 95, desert and woodland)
Equipped MICH 2000
Booniehats, Caps, Berets, Pakols and others

Insignias, Blood Insignias, Backpacks and so on

- Black and desert variants
vz. 58 P
vz. 58 RIS
vz. 58 RIS 2
vz. 58 V
CZ 805 Bren
CZ 750
P07 Duty
SP01 Phantom
and all others from CUP

M-ATV (Hunter)
Offroad (transport and armed)
Pandur II
T72M4 CZ
AMF Dingo (MG, GL)
Kamaz (transport and support versions)
Military Offroads / Landrovers (Unarmed, M2, Special)

L-159 ALCA

To install the Army of the Czech Republic A3 - ACR_A3 you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use the Army of the Czech Republic A3 please refer to the included documentation.

Optional addons/mods:
ACR_A3 - Weapons

Credits & Thanks:
EvroMalarkey - Project lead, Configs, Model ports
Taurus - Textures, Icons
Kllrt - Weapons, Configs, Model ports, Icons
Filipsons - Textures, configs

Bohemia Interactive - Arma2 Sample Models (ACR rvmats, textures and models)
Robalo - ASDG Joint Rails
CUP team - For help and sharing
RHS team - For RHS AFRF and some their config values
Reyhard - For sharing his A2 ports
Aplion - For sharing his A2 ports
RedPhoenix - For PhysX of T72M4 and BMP-2
Cinco - For sharing his Nomex uniform

This work is licensed under a Arma Public License Share Alike.

- Added: acr_a3_weapons moved to acr_a3 main package
- Added: BREN2
- Added: JAS 39 Gripen
- Added: Berets with ranks
- Added: ACE3 compability (gforce, hearing-framework)
- Fixed: NPP-2006 vest shaddow and lod bug
- Fixed: Pandur II bug after 1.82 update
- Improved: removed obsolete asdg_jointrails requirement
- Added(RHS): T72M1
- Fixed(RHS): Missing magazines on some units
- Fixed(RHS): Wrong textures on some vehicles
- Improved(RHS): added MAAWS, Vz58 and BREN2 to soldiers

Added: new keys
Fixed: Boonie hat camo selection

- Added: desert faction separately
- Fixed: bad texture of vest in vehicles
- Fixed: missing textures in Kamaz

- Added: new characters and equipment textures
- Added: zamak trucks - Added: new vest variants
- Added: new unit and blood insignias
- Added: new pandur textures
- Added: blood insignias are now added random to units
- Added: eden preview pictures
- Added: RHS compablity config (Mi17, Mi24, UAZs, Czech dubbing etc.)
- Improved: default units equipment
- Improved: helmet armor values
- Improved: overall structure, improvements and fixes
- Fixed: icon for groups in eden editor
- Fixed: pandur had incorrect gear
- Fixed: blood insignias were not visible in arsenal
- Fixed: wrong or missing equipment icons
- Removed: AAF vest variants
- Removed: some NATO vest variants
- Removed: alternative beret
- Removed: legacy CBA compability, it is not needed anymore

v1.1- Fixed: error in main menu
- Fixed: error with tfar ammobox
- Improved: tfar compatibility
- Improved: cup compatibility (mod is now independent of cup and can be launched without vehicles, weapons and dubbing)

- Added: All vehicles replaced with CUP alternatives
- Added: New Beret variants from redoper
- Added: New logo for the mod
- Added: Support for EDEN editor
- Fixed: Most of the vehicles has fixes from CUP Vehicles
- Improved: overall structure, improvements and fixes

Fixed: Vests and helmet protection to new A3 standarts
Added: NEW A2 ACR vests variants
Added: NEW A2 ACR helmet variants
Added: NEW A2 beret
Added: ACR_A3 logos to arsenal
Improved: various textures improvements
Improved: T72M4 improvements and fixes
and other minor improvements and fixes

Added: ACE3 compatibility, interaction should now work ok
Added: Marksman DLC vests variants
Added: New camo variants for Mi24 from TOH
Improved: Military Offroad (M2) has now more cargo positions
Fixed: LOD problem with Special Landrovers
and other minor improvements and fixes

- Added: Military Offroad, Military Offroad (Desert)
- Added: Military Offroad (M2), Military Offroad (M2) (Desert)
- Added: Military Offroad Special, Military Offroad Special (Desert)
- Added: Military Offroad (Ambulance), Military Offroad (Ambulance) (Desert)
- Added: BRDM-2, BRDM-2 (Desert)
- Improved: Stringtables redone to BI standarts
- Improved: Vehicle classes redone / merged
- Improved: Dingo and hmmwv armor values
- Fixed: Acro on Sa-58 changed to ACOG (soldiers related)
- Fixed: Again Dingo PiP
- Fixed: Wrong mass in TFAR radios
- Removed: M-ATVs and AW101 Merlin (only hidden from editor and zeus)

- Fixed: HMMWV turret glass rotation bug
- Fixed: Dingo PIP mirrors adjusted
- Fixed: Generic names bad definiton
- Fixed: Missions dubbing paths

- Added: Czech CUP Backpacks
- Added: T-72M4 CZ
- Added: BMP-2s
- Added: HMMWVs M1151 (M2 and AGS)
- Added: AMF Dingo (MG and GL)
- Added: Mi17, Mi24 and UAZs from RHS AFRF
- Added: AAF vest desert variants
- Added: Missions dubbing and language for mission makers
- Improved: New icons
- Improved: New Pilot uniform
- Improved: New additional groups
- Improved: New soldier classes (AA, SL, Crew, Diver)
- Improved: Vest textures
- Improved: vz95 Desert textures
- Improved: TFAR compability now without need of additional pbo
- Improved: Armor and mass values updated
- Improved: pbo and config structure
- Fixed: Radio protocol rpt spam
- Fixed: Aco not linked with Sa58 RIS
- Fixed: Some vehicles were not visible in Zeus
- Fixed: Other minor fixes and improvements
- Removed: All optional files
@CUP Compatible version changes: (included with the archive)
- Added: cup_weapons_backpacks.pbo
- Added: cup_weapons_strela_2.pbo
- Updated: CUP_Weapons_ACR_A3_Compability.pbo

- Fixed: Machine gunners can't use ammo with full CUP package
- Fixed: AT Soldiers have wrong rockets
- Fixed: Soldiers speak russian, when RHS is used

- Removed: All weapons are replaced with CUP Weapons
- Added: CUP Weapons (same weapons, improved, new JSRS 1.5 sounds)
- Added: CUP Weapons Compability
For using only ACR_A3 related weapons
new weapons: CZ 75 P-07 Compact, Scorpion EVO, CZ 550, M60E4, MAAWS, SA61, UK59
- Added: Czech radio protocol
- Added: FFV in Offroad
- Added: Pakol w/o MIC
- Added: TFAR radios compability
- Added: RHS replacement config (Czech Mi24, Mi17 and UAZ)
- Added: PsyLandrovers replacement config (Czech Landrovers added into ACR side)
- Improved: Gloves and Shoes textures
- Improved: Uniform textures
- Improved: Helmet textures
- Fixed: Helmet shadow bug
- Fixed: Helmet color on the ground
- Fixed: Ammoboxes not visible in Zeus
- Fixed: Other minor fixes and improvements

- Added: MOUT Desert uniforms
- Added: Offroad (A3 retexture)
- Added: Medevac kamaz
- Fixed: Sa58 drysound
- Fixed: Head position of various headgear
- various small fixes
replacement configs
- Added: Mi17 Medevac
- Improved: Mi24 colors and opening doors

- first public release

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