Author: 88_LORD
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis, Stratis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 3.39

Date: 2015-03-15 07:09

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88th CTF - Official Maps

[88] Murcielago, [88] Valtas & [88] LORD

Pack of 15 CTF maps for Arma 3 at Altis and Stratis. They are limited to 28 slots, 12 for each side and 4 for TrackingCAM.

Mission content:
[88IT] CTF - Colosseum (XS)
[88IT] CTF - Feres (S)
[88IT] CTF - Frini (M)
[88IT] CTF - Girna (M)
[88IT] CTF - Gravia (S)
[88IT] CTF - Ifestiona (S)
[88IT] CTF - La Mina (XS)
[88IT] CTF - Neochori (S)
[88IT] CTF - Power Plant (XS)
[88IT] CTF - Sand River (M)
[88IT] CTF - Shutter Island (M)
[88IT] CTF - Storage (S)
[88IT] CTF - The Factory (S)
[88IT] CTF - The Hill (M)
[88IT] CTF - Zaros (S)

The novelty of this year is that teams will fight 6 vs 6 and each team may register a maximum of 8 players.

Thanks to the sponsorship of this edition through MIONIX, we can offer the following awards to the first classified:

8* Professional Gaming Mouse MIONIX NAOS 3200
+ bundle surprise courtesy of MIONIX

Sign up now and register your team BEFORE September 19th, 2014!. For more information please visit the tournament forum.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.


These will be the maps to be used during the Tournament unless stated otherwise by the Organization. We have created a special forum where you can report any bug you find so we can fix them before the Tournament. We would also like to provide you with some interesting links for the Tournament:

Forum: Support & Bugs
Forum: Team inscription
Forum: Tournament Rules
Forum: About the Season

  • Code improvements
  • Better respawn protections
  • More buildings on the map and tactical elements ... etc

  • v3.36
  • Increased number of players for all maps to 24 (+4 TrackingCAM slots)
  • Arma 3 fatigue removed by default (Mission parameter)
  • Included a new special weapon (One for each side: MX_GL)
  • Included a new country, South Korea.
  • Code used to control presence of the special weapons has been improved.
  • Tweaked the code to handle respawn.
  • CTF background info now has the color or your side, blue for American team and green for resistance team. Like always your side is on the left of the CTF info.
  • TrackingCAM (Spectator mode) Improved code and added features! Now you can select players by clicking over them on the map! It also allows people using the TrackingCAM to kick players if they are admins as you now have access to the map by pressing M key.
  • Permanent special weapons (One rifle and GL assault rifle for each team)
  • Smoke grenades for each team.
  • Deaths of each teams do not change the result of the match. Like in a football match you need to score (touch or make flags) more than your opponent.
  • The table at the end showing the result now has the colour of each team for players and team results.
  • Ammo spots.
  • Anti-wall cheating system.

  • v2.41
  • 2 new maps added
  • Some updates

  • Disclaimer:
    Feel free to use the missions or part of these missions but: Creative Commons Atribution 4.0 License International
    Remember to mention his creator ([88] Murcielago – )
    If you modify the missions:
      Make it clear.
      Please remove all the references that makes reference to Mionix and the 88th Co. team.

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums

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