Author: SHJ-Studio
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Island(s): Sahrani, Rahmadi, Porto, Sahrani a2 v1.5.0
Playable options: Singleplayer compatible

Version: 1.4.1

Date: 2016-03-13 10:34

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Arma Rearmed 2


Author note:
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With the ArmA Rearmed 2 mod you can play the Arma campaigns on the Arma 2 OA platform.
The modification contains the following campaigns:

Sahrani Conflict (languages: English, German)
Rahmadi Conflict (languages: English, Czech, German, Polish, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian)
Royal Flush (languages: English, Czech, German, Polish, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian)
7 SP missions (languages: English, German)
6 Training camp missions (languages: English, German)

Produced by: Bohemia Interactive Studio
Rearmed for Arma 2 OA by: SHJ-Studio and OMAC

Extract into the Modifikation in the Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead Directory, by default this is located in:
32-Bit - C:\Program Files\Steam/Steamapps\Common\ Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\
64-Bit - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam/Steamapps\Common\ Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\
After extraction it should look like this:
Steam\Steamapps\Common\ Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead\@SHJS_AR2\

Start modification:
Copy the addons folder of ArmA 2 in the Arma 2 Operation Arrowhead directory!
Code: -mod=@CBA_CO;@caa1;@JSRS;@smd;@SRA;@SHJS_AR2
or Launcher Arma Rearmed 2 Steam Launch.
With ACR:
Code: -mod=@CBA_CO;@caa1;@JSRS;@smd;@SRA;@corepatch;@SHJS_AR2
or Launcher Arma Rearmed 2 Steam Launch.

ArmA 2: Combined Operations v1.62 DVD version:
Code: -mod=@CBA_CO;@caa1;@JSRS;@smd;@SRA;@SHJS_AR2
With ACR:
Code: -mod=@CBA_CO;@caa1;@JSRS;@smd;@SRA;@corepatch;@SHJS_AR2

Download the modification extension (SHJS AR2 Extension). With this modification, the original island of ArmA 2 OA, ACR, Sahrani of CAA1, be Disabled original campaigns and scenarios.
Arma Rearmed 2 Extension

Credits & Thanks:
Author: SHJ-Studio
Co- Developer: OMAC

Produced by Bohemia Interactive Studio, rearmed for Arma 2 OA by SHJ Studio

Thanks to:
CAA1 Team, Project RACS, Marseille77, SchnapsdroSel, The Sahrani Mod Dev Team,
Foffy, Salvatore_Lee, Gowan, Brainbug, Trauma, Xeno426, goliath86
Robert Hammer, Stiltman, Assault Mission Studio,
ArmA 2 Base, Armed Assault Info, Mr-Murray.

Special thanks to OMAC for playtesting, detailed diagnosis and reporting of critical mission and scripting issues, and fixing English translations of briefings, overview text, and debriefings.


fixed: Duplicate group name in the editor correcting.
Launcher Arma Rearmed 2 Steam Added.
Original campaigns and scenarios were reactivated.
Some add-ons have been replaced with the new version of @SRA Mod.
fixed: Final Countdown - Tsunami. Add repair trucks.
fixed: Final Countdown - Tsunami. Add savegame when an outpost was captured.
fixed: Final Countdown - Tsunami. Mortar fire on players has been changed.
fixed: Saboteur Big Bang Team Switch Disabled.
fixed: Saboteur Big Bang mission debriefing (done).
fixed: Saboteur Big Bang group members all now the evacuation point in the helicopter when it starts.
fixed: Saboteur Big Bang OPFOR_SpawnBmp.sqs
fixed: Enemy Territory Team Switch Disabled.
fixed: Enemy Territory (support Abram tanks) damage reduced.
fixed: Big Bang Attack Convoy mission debriefing (HMMWV done).
fixed: Reclaiming (Counterattack: marker) Text language English\German.
fixed: Gryphons (Tandag Base: hint) Text language Englis\German.
fixed: Rahmadi The President Action menu. Text language English\German.
fixed: Rahmadi Conflict. BIS_fnc_infoText.
fixed: Rahmadi Conflict. animations.
fixed: Rahmadi All missions Revised and Added some new features.
fixed: Last Resort Overview Text.
fixed: Royal Flush Store only one (Flare Green M203) for sale.
fixed: Royal Flush Mission Camp new Secondary ammunition depot Added with (Flare Green M203).
fixed: Royal Flush Mission Camp obj3Cam.sqs concerns Edit (Flare Green M203) revised.
fixed: Royal Flush Mission Camp hint (they were discovered) Text language English \ German.
fixed: Royal Flush Mission Realityshow (enemygroup.sqs) Error. Warning: Bad Vehicle Type KPFS_SoldierGB.
fixed: Royal Flush Mission Ameeting (utekprincezny.sqs) Error: Warnmeldung: Bad vehicle type KPFS_SoldierGB.
fixed: ANN Newscaster, ANN war correspondent, arms Dealer and Queen's Gambit chancellor.
fixed: Duplicate Group Names in the editor correcting.

- Main menu changed Trailer Clip
- Sahrani Conflict fixed: Briefing background image is a 16: 9 monitor adjusted.
- AddOns changed:
- Sahrani US Army Soldiers.
- Sahrani US Army Vehicle.
- Sahrani SLA Soldiers.
- Sahrani SLA Vehicle.
- Sahrani Royal Army Corps.
- Sahrani Royal Army Corps Vehicle.
- Sahrani Civilians.

- Royal Flush fixed: SHOP03.SARA_DBE1 "(shot01.sqs) script Error group join player has been fixed".

- Sahrani Conflict now with all side missions and vast weapon choice.
- Royal Flush now completely playable.
- All campaigns have been reworked and tested.
- New briefing and shop design.

Sahrani conflict:
- Finale Mission. Hint (SLA Verteidigungspunkt) text now available in English and Marker text now available in German. AAN reporter sound now available in English.
Rahmadi conflict:
- Final Mission. Error failed mission was resolved.

Forum topic:
- Armaholic forums
- BI-Forum

Arma 2 OA Version: 1.63
Arma 2 Version: 1.11

CAA1 Projekt - Public Release
Community Base Addons
SMD Sara A2 Full Sahrani Map Port
Sahrani Rearmed: Royal Army Corps of Sahrani - Troops
Sahrani Rearmed: Royal Army Corps of Sahrani - Vehicles
Sahrani Rearmed: SLA Troops
Sahrani Rearmed: SLA Vehicles
Sahrani Rearmed: US Troops
Sahrani Rearmed: US Vehicles
Sahrani Rearmed: Sahrani Civilians
Sahrani Rearmed: Misc Object Pack
Sahrani Rearmed: Orlando Partisans
Sahrani Rearmed: SRA UI
J.S.R.S. Sound Mod (Optional)
Core Patch for ACR DLC (Optional)

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