T8 Units - AI Spawn Script by t-800a
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T-800a informed us he released an updated version of his T8 Units - AI Spawn Script on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I wanted to share my script, I use to spawn units in coop missions, with you. I first started developing this somewhere during the A3 beta. Playing around with BIN_taskPatrol by Binesi, BangaBobs EOS and similar things somehow caught my interrest in scripting and I started to create a script that would fit my needs. In the past months I finally motivated myself to create some english documentation for this, what took ages for me, so I can release the script here.
    I designed this script for the CO-OP missions I play with friends and the 1PARA. It is mostly based around Infantry combat, but you can spawn vehicles with it, too. The script is based on groups and adding waypoints to those groups, and "FiredNear"/"Killed" eventhandlers added to the group leaders. If you have other scripts messing around with groups oder using these eventhandlers, my script will probably not work correct.

    • moved all CONFIG things to A3 config type definitions and syntax
    • T8U_fnc_loadConfig
    • parse the new config
    • T8U_fnc_handleGroups
    • all groups are now controlled from one single handle / loop!
    • now only one spawned function controlls all groups, and not a spawned function for each group.
    • T8U_fnc_teleportGroupToCurrentWaypoint
    • teleport group to first waypoint id desired
    • T8U_fnc_createUnitContainer
    • create randomized unit selection based on config
    • Fixes and changes everywhere

Written on 2017-01-27 20:53 by t-800a  

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