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Short description: A3 Artillery rangetables and manual firing crash course

Date: 2014-09-09 23:57

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LAxemann's rangetables


One of my favourite toys in ACE2 were the mortars or to be more precise, the mortar system.
The vanilla Arma 3, however, comes with no rangetables and has an artillery computer enabled by default, which cripples the art of using artillery to a "click and kill"-kinda thingy.

I therefore began to make (basic) rangetables for the A3 artillery. I fired two shots with the same elevation and measured the impact distance via script, the average distance was then taken. The distances were measured on the flat VR terrain, so keep in mind that all values won't be 100% accurate when you're above or below your target, but they're
very helpful guidelines!

You can use artillery without the artillery computer? How?!
First put the following into your init.sqf:
enableEngineArtillery false;
This is not required, but disables the default artillery computer.
Ingame, you'll have to get the following information:
    • The distance to your target
    • The direction to the target
    • The height difference between you and your target
Where can you get that intel? Well, from your team mates, for example ("manual mortaring" requires teamplay).

Now get into your mortar and check out the following picture:

(355 is your azimuth, btw)

The rest is straight forward.
Make your mortar face the direction to your target and check my rangetables for the distance to the target.
You can switch between the distance modes (near, medium, far) by pressing F/Switch Fire Mode.
You can alter the elevation by pressing page up/page down.

We assume our target is ~1800m away, bearing 155, on flat terrain (unlikely).
• We rotate our mortar so that the centered azimuth indicator says "155"
• We check the rangetables and find out that 1794m require an elevation of 58.00 in "medium" solution mode.
• We switch to "medium" (remember? By pressing F!) and use page up/page down to either raise or lower our Elevation (ELV) to 58.00
• We fire, then we wait...
• We get a report from our forward obsever (good effect on target/ adjust left, bla)
• We adjust our settings according to what our forward observer told us
• Repeat...

I hope that helps some of you and that this is the right corner for stuff like this.

More rangetables to come!

- first release

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