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Version: 1.4
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Short description: Imrali Island is a Turkish prison.

Date: 2016-01-25 10:28

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Imrali Island


İmrali is a small Turkish island in the south of the Sea of Marmara, west of the Armutlu-Bozburun peninsula within Bursa Province. It measures 8 kilometres in the north-south direction with a width of 3 kilometres, and has an area of 9.98 square kilometres. The highest peak is Türk Tepesi at an altitude of 217 metres above sea level.
It is currently a prison island, so it is prohibited to fly over the island or fish near its shores.

Notable inmates of the prison 1935–present :
Billy Hayes, American writer, who wrote the book Midnight Express and the documentor of episode of "Locked Up Abroad: The Real Midnight Express" @29:30. Was serving a life sentence for drug trafficking until his escape.
Abdullah Öcalan, founder of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK). Serving a life sentence for treason since 1999.
Source Wikipedia

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Change log:
- Add Spring version
- Remove misplaced objects

-Add Normal Map
-Add texture Seabed
-Improve underwater topography
-Remplace all rocks
-Delete Cargo Tower addons

- Improve the lights streetlights
- Improve Skybox

- Improve the vegetation from the satmap
- Trees too close to each other in the forest
- Trees on the road East of island's main buildings
- No track at the entrance of communication tower
- Trees on the road at the entrance of communication tower
- "Air boat" on the West and South coast
- Add some bushes in the forest
- Add some objects

- first release

Credits & Thanks:
- F.S.F for Wiki Labs
- Mikero for his tools
- [301] Airborne for help

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