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Version: 09/10/2014

Short description: I present to you five different redress functions and an extra function to easily create your own redress functions.

Date: 2014-10-10 07:27

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Jona's Easy Redress Functions


I present to you five different redress functions and an extra function to easily create your own redress functions (coming soon, needs a bit tidying up). A common complaint about ARMA III is it's lack of vanilla content, hence many people turn to mods but for me if I see a mission with a list of ten unit mods that mission will be ignored. However there are only four factions in game which limits the mission maker. These functions use purely vanilla content and aim to help remedy that situation.

  • BI provided everything needed for a basic British faction but stopped short at actually creating it. This fills that void using the content that they provided. Important differences between British and American kit are:
      -Primary Weapon is the Black MX
      -British Uniforms are worn
      -The SISP (Standard Issue Service Pistol) is the .45 forty five heavy pistol, given how many enemies will frequently wear body armour 9mm was dismissed as weak.
      -All British Combat Units are issued with some kind of body armour, however to save weight units with heavy loads (e.g. Ammo bearers) will often wear "soft" vests which don't include ceramic plates
      -There is only one kind of helmet and that is standardised for all
  • FIA Units
      When FIA were moved to BLUFOR rather than Independent when ARMA III came out there was a lot of complaining that now there wasn't an easy way for NATO to fight a terrorist organisation. This script uses the loadouts of the default FIA units and allows you to apply them to any unit.* This greatly speeds up mission creating if you want a terrorist organisation to fight.
  • Militant Forces for Altis Units (MFA)
      The Militant Forces for Altis are a splintered paramilitary organisation, supported by the AAF. Although various groups fight under the banner it is split into groups with local affiliations rather than a combined force. They are covertly supported by the AAF who officially deny any involvement, however there is clear evidence to the contrary. The standard weapon they use is the Mk20, in an unpainted form as supplied by the manufacturer, they also have limited numbers of Mk200 LMGs and Mk18 EBRs. They routinely wear the old style of body armour worn by pre-revolution Altian Forces. More importantly they have been linked to numerous crimes, what they lack in military organisation and discipline they make up for in sheer viciousness. Indiscriminate killings and violent abuse of prisoners under the pretext of defending their area from FIA guerillas are commonplace. Due to the fear of reprisals against their families if recognised they will nearly always cover their faces to minimise this risk.
  • CSAT Special Forces Division Units (SFD)
      The Special Forces Division of CSAT's military wing are a shadowy organisation specialising in various activities. All members endure a rigorous selection process and at least one year of further training in addition to already being soldiers for at least three years. Specialities include direct action strikes, intelligence gathering, HVT Operations (Protection, Kidnap or Termination) and revolutionary activities. Not one to stint on supplying their military these soldiers will be heavily armed, mostly with Katiba rifles (commonly fitted with Grenade Launchers), Sting Sub machine guns, Rahim Marksman rifles and Zafir Medium Machine Guns are also routinely seen. When engaged in operations that CSAT do not wish to be associated with they will often cover their faces to prevent any attempts at a journalistic expose that could result in embarrassment.
      This script has two types of SFD unit included. Counter revolutionaries and Direct Action (quite lightly armed, but with heavy body armour, suited to hostage rescue style missions etc.). Ordinary units have revolutionary activities gear (heavily armed guerillas effectively) while recon units have Direct Action gear. All the recon units and these:
        - Officer
        - Team leader
        - Autorifleman
        - Medic
        - Rifleman
        - Rifleman (AT)
        - Marksman
        - UAV Operator
        - Explosive Specialist
      ordinary units have appropriate gear setup, if you use other units they will default to a Rifleman loadout.
      An alternative version of CSAT, defender series helmets have been replaced with Crew Helmets and LBV harnesses are replaced with Khaki chest rigs, side arms are rarely carried by regular infantry and fewer optics are available to units. Contains all units with the usual exception of divers.
  • Altis Police Departement Units (APD)
      The Altian Police Department is a small unit undergoing major reforms, this script works differently to the others. There are four unit types, Light, Heavy, Officer and SWAT. A Light unit has a tactical vest and a pistol, a heavy unit includes a submachine gun, officers are marked out by a different uniform and different headgear and SWAT units are there for major situations. This script is called in a different way in that it does not feature automatic unit detection. Instead you need to include the unit that will receive the loadout, the type of loadout that will be received and optionally, whether or not to assign a greek identity.

Installation / Usage:
1. Download the example mission
2. Copy and paste the functions folder and description.ext (may simply need to merge that) into your mission.
3. The parameters for the first four functions are
0: Unit, the unit that the loadout is to be applied to (e.g. player).
1: Local Identity (changes depending on the script,OPTIONAL) BOOLEAN, whether or not local face and voice is applied
2: Randomise, Whether or not random headgear, goggles and uniform are used (BOOLEAN,OPTIONAL).
The APD function is called differently, explained below.

[unit,Identity,randomise] call JNA_fnc_redress... 
//An example 
[player,true,false] call JNA_fnc_redressSFD;

The Altis Police Departement Units (APD) script is called in a different way in that it does not feature automatic unit detection. Instead you need to include the unit that will receive the loadout, the type of loadout that will be received and optionally, whether or not to assign a greek identity. This looks like:
[unit,"LOADOUT",GREIDENT] call JNA_fnc_RedressAPD; 
//Allowed strings for loadout are "LIGHT","HEAVY","OFF","SWAT" e.g. 
[player,"HEAVY",true] call JNA_fnc_RedressAPD;

Export Your Own Loadouts:
Now included in the mission is GetLoad.sqf basically it exports the loadout of the player unit to the clipboard allowing you to quickly create whole new factions using the above template function. That's how I created the older CSAT Army (in about an hour) (although that used a slightly earlier version so line breaks were missing). My method for doing that would be the following.
-In the example mission place a player unit and add the following to their init:
this addAction ["<t color='#ff1111'>BIS Arsenal</t>", {["Open",true] spawn BIS_fnc_arsenal}];
-Load the mission
-Use the virtual arsenal to create the loadout you want
-In the debug code place:
_Get=execVM "GetLoad.sqf";
and press local exec
-Paste the code into the appropriate slot
-Call in the same way as above.
-Should work fine with modded weapons as well.
*The template is currently set up to use Persian faces and voices by default, if you want to change this then replace the section under //Identity Section (Line 16) with the appropriate voices/faces.

Example mission download link (press F6 to view the markers which explain which units are which).

Feel free to use in whatever you like, but please do give credit where it is due. Feel free to have a look at them and tweak to suit your own needs, however DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CLAIM THIS AS YOUR OWN WORK.

Update 09/10/2014
- New script added: "GetLoad.sqf",see bottom spoiler
- New Script added: "Alternative CSAT", slightly less futuristic CSAT without the defender series of helmets but with advanced uniforms. Simulates a slightly less advanced and less well equipped CSAT.
- Changed: "LIGHT" and "HEAVY" APD units now wear Police Caps rather than their old military caps.
- Fixed: " No entry 'config.bin/CfgWeapons'" Error-took about two hours of bug hunting but finally found the cause and added an extra check to deal with it.

- Download links removed, use the example mission that is provided at the bottom.
- Vehicles are correctly autodetected and the crew will be redressed for the British, FIA, MFA and SFD functions, was a typo in the original release.
- British helicopter crew and pilots now wear camouflage rather than flight suits
- Tweaked British Pilot load out slightly (removed chemlights+added extra .45 magazine).

- first release

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