Author: Reynaert
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.2

Short description: Template based on the Marine Corps

Date: 2014-09-27 15:30

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Carrier Template


I was making a carrier map for my unit when the ArmA 2 servers went to Steam. The unit was lost and I was sitting here with this template. The template has been tested 1 time with 6 players and works properly, we haven't discovered any errors so far.

- LHD elevator at the south side of the carrier, able to lift vehicles and personnel.
- Artillery module able to fire all kinds of shells.
- Tomahawk missile that can be pointed out anywhere on the map.
- HALO option.
- Steam catapult and arresting gear for aircraft.
- R button for flares (Since this map was not designed for OA.)
- Aircraft service.
- Ability to save gear.
- M136's are disposable and require no rocket.
- Backpack for a 2nd primary firearm.
- Special effects for nearby explosions.
- Being shot causes the same as above.

Copy the folder to Documents / Arma 2 Other Profiles / Nickname / Missions

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Change log:
- Removed TOW tractors due to carrier space.
- Added special effects for explosions.

- Added artillery module.
- Added HALO option.
- Added disposable M136.

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