Head Wall Glitch Fix by Murcielago
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Murcielago submitted his Head Wall Glitch Fix script.

    Quote :
    This is a script which prevents people from using a bug to be able to see and shoot through walls in Arma 3. This issue affects too to buildings and other objects.
    This fix is a little script that will turn the screen black every time the player tries to use the glitch.

    I hope soon the glitch that allow this will be fixed. I did some research to make this project and I'm aware that Bohemia Interactive knows about this issue.

    I already introduced this code in a new version of the Capture The Flag missions I created.
    This fix and the TrackingCAM are perfect to create a great player VS player environment for Arma 3.

Written on 2014-09-29 10:22 by murcielago  

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