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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: A little building garrison script you can use to populate area by placing one group in editor.

Date: 2014-09-29 21:18

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[TOG] Garrison Script


I just made a little building garrison script that I would like to share.
I know there is few garrison scripts for ArmA3 but none of them works like i want.

The point of that script is, that you can populate area by placing one group in editor.
Also it can be use to populate village with civilians.

Tested on non-standard maps and it looks it work.

Installation / Usage:
[TOG] Garrison Scripts is simple and quick in use.
Just copy tog_garrison_scrip.sqf to your mission folder.
Place group of units near some buildings
In group leader init place:
nul = [this] execVM "tog_garrison_script.sqf";
Bam, units of this group are now in buildings and on rooftops.
If there are more units in group that positions in buildings, rest of them will be split on groups and start random patrol nearby.

Mission Makers can also pass few arguments to script if they want to customize few options.
What you can customize:
  • Radius for building search (default: 100)
  • Max units from group that can be garrisoned (default all group) - if less then units in group - others will start patrol
  • Max units in patrol (default: 3)
  • Show/Hide info about script (default: true)
Extended usage:
nul = [unit,radius,max units to garrison, max units per patrol,info] execVM "tog_garrison_script.sqf";
nul = [this,80,5,4,true] execVM "tog_garrison_script.sqf";
Above example will search buildings in radius 80 from group leader. Place 5 units in random buildings and rest of group will be splitted for 4 man patrols walking nearby.

- first release

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