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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 2.5.29
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Chinese People's Liberation Army Character and Weapon Mod.

Date: 2020-04-22 08:53

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China Virtual Military Engineers (VME)

Chinese People's Liberation Army Character and Weapon Mod.
V 1.03 Last Published on Aug 27th 2017
Made by China Virtual Military Engineers

QBZ95-1 5.8x42mm Assault Rifle
QBZ95-1GL 5.8x42mm Assault Rifle with Grenade Launcher
QBZ95-1B 5.8x42mm Short Assault Rifle
QJB95-1 5.8x42mm Squad Light Machine Gun
QBZ03 5.8x42mm Assault Rifle
QJY88 5.8x42mm General-Purpose Machine Gun
QBU88 5.8x42mm Designated Marksman Rifle
CS/LR4 7.62x51mm Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
QCW05 5.8x21mm Suppressed Submachine Gun
QSZ92 5.8x21mm Pistol
QSW06 5.8x21mm Suppressed Pistol
PF89A 80mm Single-Shot Rocket Launcher (HEDP)
PF89A-AST 80mm Single-Shot Rocket Launcher (bunker-buster)
WPF89-2 80mm Single-Shot Rocket Launcher (Thermobaric)
PF89B 80mm Single-Shot Rocket Launcher (Anti ERA HEAT)
PF89 80mm Single-Shot Rocket Launcher (HEAT)
PF98 120mm Rocket Launcher
FN-6 Portable AA Missile

Uniforms and Gears:
Type 07 Uniform (General Purpose Camouflage)
Type 07 Uniform (Desert Camouflage)
Type 07 Cap (General Purpose Camouflage)
Type 07 Cap (Desert Camouflage)
Type 07 Back Pack (General Purpose Camouflage)
Type 03 Helmet (General Purpose Camouflage)
Type 03 Helmet (Desert Camouflage)
Type 06 Tactical Vest (General Purpose Camouflage)
Type 06 Tactical Vest (Desert Camouflage)
Type 15 Tactical Vest (General Purpose Camouflage)
Type 15 Tactical Vest (Desert Camouflage)

Ammo Box:
PLA Basic Weapon Box
PLA Pistol Weapon Box
PLA Launcher Weapon Box

To install the VME PLA Mod you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Credits & Thanks:
Team Lead: BYM101
Models and Textures:
QBZ95-1/QBZ95-1GL/QBZ95-1B/QJB95-1/LR4/QCW05/PF89/PLA Character By: VME Kingsniper101
QBZ03/QBU88/QJY88/ By:VME XiaoXue
QSZ92/QSW06/QBU88 Scope/ By:VME SRU
QBZ95-1 Scope view(Daytime and NV)/QBU88 Scope view By: VME LWM

Character By: VME fan

Skeleton model:
Character By: VME Kingsniper101

LR4 Bolt Action By: VME AAA(GPGPGPGP) & VME fan
PF89 Disposable Script and Munition effect By: VME AAA(GPGPGPGP) & VME fan

Improving Sound Structure, Fixing Config bugs By: VME Huzige
Testing and QA By: VME Huzige & Huilang & Warmachine 86

FIX: ZSL-92B missing from config
FIX: Load order causing camo faces errors
FIX: ZBL-08 and ZTL-11 driver turnout height
NEW: ZBL-08 HQ version

FIX: Removed incorrect pylons from Z-20

FIX: AT-10 ATGM magazines missing from 105mm cannon
FIX: WZ-551 family APC's missing from some factions
FIX: BJ-2022, CS/VP4 8x8 missing from some factions
FIX: WZ-551 family APC's with wrong faction crew
FIX: EQ-2050, BJ-2022 with wrong faction crew
FIX: Difficulty when picking up Radio Hats from ground
FIX: Radio hats camo selections were not switching
FIX: Mi171 shadow bug
FIX: Editor popup error
FIX: ZBD-05 turret error
IMPROVED: ZBD-04 family camo selections
IMPROVED: Expanded vehicle selections for PLAAF faction
IMPROVED: EQ2050 crew now have radio headgear
IMPROVED: EQ2050 Recon vehicles have correct SF crew
IMPROVED: EQ2050 camo selections
IMPROVED: SM-4 mortar units for all factions
IMPROVED: Adjusted QN-506 armor values
IMPROVED: Stringtables
IMPROVED: DF-15 reload function (uses SRBM reload vehicle)
IMPROVED: SRBM reload vehicle animations
IMPROVED: Combined some config files to reduce install size
NEW: ZTQ-15 light tank >>> POSTPONED!!!!
NEW: Z-20 helicopter
NEW: PLAAF grey digital vehicle camo

FIX: Broken tank turret stabilization
IMPROVED: PL-96 inheritance settings
IMPROVED: Combined some config files to reduce install size

FIX: Some vehicle inheritance errors
FIX: Tank turret animation error
IMPROVED: MBT names updated:
- "ZTZ-99A2" to "ZTZ-99A"
- "ZTZ-96" to "ZTZ-96A"
IMPROVED: Plane sensors
IMPROVED: A-A missile behavior
IMPROVED: AFT-10 commander turret
IMPROVED: AFT-10, 9M119 (AT-11), 9M117 (AT-10) missile behavior
IMPROVED: PL-96 gunner optics zoom (AT ammo)
IMPROVED: AFT-10 gunner optics zoom

FIX: Popup error and minor model update to ZTZ99A2

FIX: Type-99 MBT (ZTZ-99) commander turnout
FIX: HJ-12 unable to lock targets
IMPROVED: Plane IR lock behavior
NEW: Type-99 A2 MBT (ZTZ-99A2)

FIX: Desert PF-98 soldier backpack error
FIX: Helicopter AT missile targeting issues
FIX: HJ-10 IR model was not selectable
FIX: HJ-10 Laser/Radar model "AKD-10 (L)" was unavailable on WZ-10
FIX: 20mm gunpod pylons missing on JH-7A, Z-9 CAS, J-16, Z-19, WZ-10
FIX: WZ-10 RPT errors
IMPROVED: Z-9A (CAS) preset loadout
IMPROVED: Corrected names for HJ-10 air-launched ATGM models: "AKD-10 (IR)" and "AKD-10 (L)"
IMPROVED: Tank armor values
NEW: QN-506 Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV)
- NR-30 30mm automatic cannon (also found on ZBD-03)
- Type-80 7.62mm coaxial MG
- 4x QN-502C ATGM missiles
- 20x QN-201 70mm missiles
- ERA armor
NEW: HJ-12 ATGM forest and desert models (HJ-12 = Javelin / SPIKE Analogue)
NEW: HJ-12 AT soldiers & HJ-12 Assistants
NEW: TY-90 AAM Quad-rack magazine for helicopters
NEW: A-A preset loadouts for WZ-10, Z-19 helicopters

IMPROVED: Russian letter removed from ZTZ-99 Gunner sight
FIX: ZTZ-99 Tank Commander was named "Gunner"

NEW: Area long-burn illumination vehicle flares for:
--- Mi-17, Z-9 CAS, Z-19, WZ-10, KJ-200, KJ-500 and JH-7
- weapon: "VME_VehFlareLauncher"
- magazine: "12Rnd_VME_VehFlareMagazine"
NEW: J-11 (NATO: Flanker-L) Su-27 licensed copy
NEW: J-16 (NATO: Flanker-G) Su-30MKK derivative copy
- J-11, J-16 can use Pook_Soviet AF mod weapons if present
NEW: Y-7 (An-24 licensed copy) light transport plane
NEW: Y-7A (An-26 derivative copy) light cargo transport plane
NEW: An-178 medium transport plane
NEW: An-225 heavy transport plane
NEW: EQ-2050 Forward Observer (FO): Commander can call Artillery missions
NEW: EQ-2050 UAV controller now spawns 3x Parrot drones
NEW: WZ-551 Forward Observer (FO): Commander can call Artillery missions
NEW: HJ-73 static ATGM launcher
NEW: HJ-11 static ATGM launcher (HJ-8 variant w/laser guidance)
NEW: HJ-9A static heavy ATGM launcher
IMPROVED: Datalink settings for AWACS planes: KJ-200, KJ-500
IMPROVED: AFT-10 missile launch behavior
IMPROVED: ATGM missiles sensor configurations
IMPROVED: Static weapons can be flipped upright if tipped over
IMPROVED: Stringtables
IMPROVED: HJ-8 static ATGM desert texture
IMPROVED: HJ-9 missile model and textures
IMPROVED: HJ-73 missile now spins and has homing light in tail
FIX: Removed errant antenna from EQ-2050 Ambulance model
FIX: EQ-2050 Ambulance red cross panels
FIX: Removed errant EQ-2050 cargoturret seating
FIX: Occasional error in ARTY_Firemission function when certain artillery was not available
FIX: Condition where DF-15 could get instant reload on JIP
FIX: JH-600 driver and cargo death animations
FIX: AFT-10 missing primary ATGM magazines
FIX: Corrected name for NR-30 30mm cannon
FIX: Corrected name for Type-80 COAX MG
FIX: WZ-551 SM4 RPT errors
FIX: Incorrect static turret preview pics
FIX: Preview pics for VP-22 MRAP
FIX: Some popup errors due to inheritance issues

IMPROVED: Config optimization to address missing camo face textures
IMPROVED: PLA Arid Forces (MEC) vest selections
IMPROVED: Removed distance gaps from PP87 82mm Mortar firing modes
IMPROVED: Added PP87 82mm Mortar to VME Artillery Fire Mission Function (VME_ARTY_FNC_ARTYMISSION)
NEW: PLA Special Forces units: "Squad Leader" (all SF factions)
NEW: PLAN Marines radio helmet (black): "VME_PLANM_Helmet_R" / "Headgear_VME_PLANM_Helmet_R"
NEW: Zodiacs for PLAN Marines, PLA Arid Forces (MEC)
NEW: DK-9 Air Defense System (ADS)

FIX: Several config issues that were preventing AI from properly using artillery
IMPROVED: Artillery and DF-15 SRBM functions now correctly work for AI units

FIX: DF-15 reload times
IMPROVED: WZ-10 pilot view

FIX: EQ2050: driver view was not centered
FIX: WZ-551 family cargo positions
FIX: PTL-02 SP gun turret and turnout errors
FIX: PLL-05 SP Mortar turret and turnout errors
FIX: PHZ-81 MLRS gunner view and rocket direction
FIX: DF15, PHL03 gunner seating positions
FIX: DF15, PHL03, WS2400 damage animations
FIX: Missing parts on DF15 missile frame
FIX: PHL-03 MLRS 3D model and turret errors
FIX: Rocket artillery aiming/targeting accuracy
IMPROVED: WZ-551 cargo capacities
IMPROVED: ZSL-92B commander periscope and PIP view
IMPROVED: DF-15 5kt SSBM warhead damage effects
IMPROVED: Renamed duplicate "Recon Demo Specialist" to "Recon Scout"
IMPROVED: Radio helmets now function as radios
NEW: Radio hats for team leader/squad leader/officer classes
NEW: Radio boonie hats for specop classes
NEW: UN Crewman - class "PLA_Soldier_CREW_UN"
NEW: SM4 (WZ-551) mortar carrier
NEW: VP22 MRAP transport
NEW: JH600 Motorcycle
NEW: JH600-B sidecar motorcycle

FIX: DF-15 popup errors
FIX: BJ-2022 config errors

FIX: Headgear randomization via BIS_fnc_unitHeadgear function
IMPROVED: Paratroopers have higher chance to select PLA goggles
NEW: PLA goggles now available
NEW: Flags for PLAAF (Air Force), PLAGF (Ground Forces), PLARF (Rocket Forces), PLAN (Navy)
NEW: 12 Chinese camo faces (9 new and 3 BIS)
NEW: Specops units will default to camo faces
NEW: 26 new insignias for PLAN, PLAAF, PLAARF, and PLA-Men(Arid) factions
- Insignias are selectable in the editor or via the "BIS_fnc_setUnitInsignia" function
- Insignia list:
- VME_555
- VME_Ess
- VMEl_bf
- VME_BZ01 to VME_BZ23

FIX: DF-15 launch script errors
FIX: DF15_rearm VehicleTransport errors
FIX: Editor popup errors for QLU-11, QBS-06
FIX: M-99, QLU-11, QBS-06 missing from arsenal
IMPROVED: DF-15 launch function
NEW: DF-15 SRBM firemission
NEW: VME Arty firemission

FIX: Stationary ZTL-05 PLAN APC gunner camera
FIX: Missing Zeus compatibility for "DF15_Nuke_spawner"
FIX: WZ-551 APC family fire geometry
FIX: Mi-171 RPT errors
IMPROVED: Renamed "Type 87 Mortar" to "PP87" to match real world name
IMPROVED: Renamed "Type 86 Artillery" to "PL-96" to match real world name
IMPROVED: Some stringtable entries
IMPROVED: Moved all UCAV's under PLAAF faction
IMPROVED: DF-15 missile launch functions
IMPROVED: J-20 SRAM missile bay animations
IMPROVED: Adjusted service ceiling for all air assets to real world values
IMPROVED: WS-551 APC family camo textures
NEW: J-20 camo texture selections
NEW: Added LESH towing mod compatibility for all air assets
NEW: ZSL-92B: ZSL-92 + 30mm cannon (same as ZBD-03 turret)
NEW: WS2400 heavy transport
NEW: Expanded camo selections for DF-15, PHL-03
NEW: Desert camo versions of DF-15, PHL-03 (under PLA-Desert faction)
NEW: DF-15 SRBM resupply vehicle
NEW: DF-15 missile rearm function on DF-15 resupply vehicle

Happy Cinco De Mayo!
FIX: Renamed Wing-Loong 2 from GJ-1 to GJ-2 to match real-world naming convention
FIX: Renamed LJ-7 to AR-1 to match real-world naming convention
FIX: KD-88 AGM doesnt work when locking on
IMPROVED: Updated some incorrect missile flight profiles and lock behavior
IMPROVED: Moved UAV's and UCAV's under PLAAF faction
IMPROVED: Stringtable entries

FIX: LD-2000 Turret config errors
FIX: "Unknown animation source" errors for truck wheels
FIX: "Unknown animation source" errors for CSV-P4 ATV wheels
FIX: "Bad vehicle XXX" errors

FIX: Some units missing in Zeus mode

FIX: Invincible crew on EQ-2050; CSVP4
FIX: Some texturesources not working
IMPROVED: ERA damage values

IMPROVED: PLA_Men inheritance changes to improve load times
FIX: Reversion in uniform randomization function
FIX: Some MEC Camo soldiers had woodland uniforms
FIX: QLU-11 inventory slot errors
FIX: Typo in ADK-10 name

FIX: ZTZ-99 (Type 99) tank crew clipping through model
FIX: ZTZ-99 (Type 99) tank crew turn-out locations

FIX: signature file error

FIX: Config errors causing occasional popup errors
FIX: QCW-85 SMG model and reload errors
IMPROVED: QCW-85 shell eject animation

FIX: Some minor config errors
NEW: Static tripod PF-98 AT Rocket Launcher (under Turrets)
NEW: PF-97 FAE RPG using thermobaric fuel-air explosive (FAE) warhead
NEW: PF-97 soldiers

Minor fix for missing PBO error (in saved missions)

FIX: Numerous RPT errors
FIX: US flags on PLA forces dressed with chest rigs in the Multicam uniforms
FIX: Error message No entry 'bin/config.bin/CfgVehicles.VME_PLA_soldier_UAV_DES' when entering Zeus
FIX: ZTS-63 materials were rendering textures as shadows even in daylight
FIX: ZTS-63 crew camera positions
FIX: ZTS-63 crew turn-out proxies
FIX: Ammo box "Explosives [PLA]" contained no explosives
FIX: Supply box "Vehicle Fuel [PLA]" contained no fuel
FIX: Supply box "Vehicle Ammo [PLA]" contained no ammo
FIX: MBT main gun weapon config caused missile systems (AT-11) instantly reload
FIX: APC main gun weapon config caused missile systems (AT-10) instantly reload
FIX: Type 86 RVMAT errors
FIX: T-99 signal sign script errors
FIX: Artillery vehicle inheritance causing occasional popup errors
FIX: MBT crew turn-out positions
FIX: MBT missing VIV cargo load mem points (would attach to middle plane of deck)
FIX: Added missing slingload and vehicletransport settings to numerous vehicles
IMPROVED: Made some config changes to optimize load times and reduce update downloads
IMPROVED: Tank speeds and "drifting" behavior
IMPROVED: Tracked APC speeds and "drifting" behavior
IMPROVED: Flipping from MBT main gun weapon recoil
IMPROVED: FN6 AA missile lock-on behavior
IMPROVED: Most A-G missile guidance and range settings

FIX: Missing radar icons on planes

IMPROVED: A-A missile arming behavior and minimum engagement ranges
IMPROVED: SAM missile proximity explosion behavior

FIX: Corrected some group zeus spawn issues

FIX: Added bug fix for weapons
FIX: Magazine switch script bug

FIX: M-171 door gunners missing ammo
FIX: M-171 door gunner views
FIX: QLU-11 magazines missing from arsenal
FIX: Reduced PLL-05 recoil factor
FIX: Some artillery units missing from Zeus
FIX: CS-VP4 cargo names
FIX: CS-VP4 buoyancy
FIX: ZBL-08 and ZTL-11 driver seat location
IMPROVED: CS-VP4 getin locations
IMPROVED: Y9 family flight profile
IMPROVED: Y9 ramp startup behavior
IMPROVED: JH-7 steering behavior
IMPROVED: Uniform randomization default behavior set to "FALSE"

FIX: Signature mismatch for vme_pla_weapons2

FIX: PHZ-81 geometry errors
FIX: Missing Arsenal weapons: QBS-06, M-99, QLU-11
FIX: Y-20 cargo view
IMPROVED: Y-20 taxi/takeoff behavior
IMPROVED: Y-20 wheel placement
IMPROVED: Y-20 and Y-9 cargo load limits
IMPROVED: WZ-551 family cargo load points
IMPROVED: Napalm fire effects

8. FIX: All Jeep drivers' perspective is a bit of a problem. (In the first person perspective, the line of sight is somewhat biased towards the upper left corner of the screen.)

1. FIX: Error message No entry 'bin\config.bin\CfgVehicles.VME_PLA_soldier_UAV_DES'. when entering Zeus
2. FIX: Can't find Y-20 Transport plane and Z9 helicopter (only Z9 CAS in Zeus)
4. FIX: J7 and J20 Fighters will explode when they take off.(J10 doesn't have this problem)
6. FIX: All planes pilot could not board the plane.(can't find the entry options found . Like Y20 Y9 J20 J7 J10)

Updates for texture tearing issues when firing some weapons

FIX: SP AAA script lag issues
FIX: missing sound issues for helicopters
FIX: J-20 Phys-X landing gear issue
FIX: Fixed designation of Wing Loong-2 UAV to military designation "GJ-1"
FIX: Zeus compatibility settings for some units
FIX: SX-2190 issues with BIS randomization function
FIX: QLU-11 tripod recoil
FIX: Type 85 tripod optic view
FIX: New scripts for aircraft functions
FIX: Aircraft pylon config issues
FIX: Z-19 gunner getin/getout
FIX: Damage textures for vehicles:
- ZBD family APC's
FIX: Broken PLA_Goggle config that prevented them from spawning
FIX: sensitivity settings adjusted for soldiers
FIX: Missing Chinese names
IMPROVED: Enabled 2nd PLA Rocket Forces camo pattern with random spawns
IMPROVED: Numerous 3D model fixes:
- LD-2000, HQ-64, HQ-61 ADS
- Z-18 heavy transport
- WZ-10 (pilot seat placement)
- Y9, KJ-200, KJ-500
- PGZ-04 ADS
- PGZ-07 ADS
- ZBL-09, ZTL-11
- ZBD-04, ZBD-08, AFT-11
- ZBD-03
IMPROVED: Optimization of scripts for MP; editor spawning
IMPROVED: Type-22 engine sound conditions
IMPROVED: ZUBR engine sound conditions
IMPROVED: A-A Missile speeds all set to Real World published data
NEW: Faction selections for camo-specific editor groups for PLA-Desert, PLA-Navy, PLA-AF, PLA-Rocket Forces
NEW: QLU-11 Heavy Grenadier unit for all factions
NEW: Desert Pilot uniform and helmet
NEW: PLAN Marines SF unites in black uniforms
NEW: Desert textures for all land vehicles (found under PLA-Desert Faction in editor)
NEW: PLAN and PLAN-Marines textures for faction-appropriate land vehicles
NEW: ERA effects (Tanks DLC) for MBT's ZTZ-99; ZTZ-96A
NEW: ZTS-63 Amphibious tank (PLAN Marines)
NEW: ZBD-05 Amphibious APC (PLAN)
NEW: PHL-03 300mm truck-mounted MLRS
NEW: PZH-81 (Type 81) 122mm truck-mounted MLRS
NEW: PZH-10 122mm tracked MLRS
NEW: Type 85 MG high tripod model
NEW: QJY-88 MMG tripod models (high and low)
NEW: Desert, Forest, and PLAN faction static units:
- QJZ-89 MG
- Type 85 MG
- QLU-11 GL
- QLZ-04 GL
- QJY-88 MMG
NEW: WZ-551 APC Family. Select units are available for Chinese UN / Police faction (*):
- WZ-551 AFV * (30mm MG)
- WZ-92A patrol * (12.7mm MG)
- AFT-9 ATGM carrier (HJ-9 x4 ATGM)
- Ambulance * (healing and First Aid Pack inventory)
- Engineer * (with functions to repair, flip disabled vehicles, clear debris \ wreckage)
- HQ * (with Commander periscope)
- PTL-02 105mm SP gun
- PLL-05 120mm SP mortar
NEW: PBX Zodiac raft w/ SF Diver units
NEW: PLZ-07; PLZ-07B 152mm SP Artillery
NEW: Y-20 heavy airlift transport plane
NEW: UAV Soldier for different factions
NEW: MEC (Multi-Environment Camo) aka "Multicam" Uniform selections
NEW: Uniform randomization w/option to disable

Fixed amphibious capability issue for APCs
Fixed ballistic character for QLU-11 sniper gernade launcher.

fixed guns missing refelex textures

ver1.1 imported package VME PLA mod ArmA2 vehicle (imported by hcpookie)
Still have some problems reverted back to v1.02

Update with vehicle pack

V 1.02
Revert to 1.02 after testing

V 1.03
Added hcpookie's update. For compatible with Vehicle package A2 import.

1.New YM11 daytime scope for 95-1 (Kong)
2.New submachine gun QCW85 (SRU)
3.New model, texture, shadow for QBZ 92/06 (SRU)
4.New script, replaced functions of MRT (Fan)
5.New open bolt animation for QCW-05 (KA)
6.Four new blue UN Type 03 helmet (Kong)
7.New wind goggles
8.New Type 03 helmet with headphones
9.New uniform for Capitans
10.New UN peacekeeping troops
11.New flag pole (KA)
12.Using new BIS official Chinese vocal for radio communication
13.Visible red/green laser designator for QBZ95-1
14.QJY88 daytime scope now can switch aim point
15.New mag changhing animation and muzzle flash for QJY88 (KA)
16.Ammo and scope adjustment (GPGPGPGP)
17.Bug fix for character config (Fan)
18.Bug fix for LR4 and PF89 scripts (Fan)
19.Fixed the "Iteminfo" error message happened after v1.62
20.Texture adjustment for backpack
21.Equipment adjustment for PLA squads.
22.Model adjustment for 5.8mm and 7.62mm suppressor
23.Texture adjustment for aim point scopes
24.Bug fix: missing texture for CS/LR4 at long range.
25.Removed thermal image for PF98

New Features:
1. FN6 71mm Portable AA missile
2. PF98 120mm AT Rocket Launcher
3. QJY88 optical sight and PF98 fire control optical sight
4. New opticals for 95-1(daytime and NV), QBU88, QJY88, PF98, PF89
5. Added reticle illumination for daytime opticals on 95-1 and QJY88(Need MRT,toggle by "Ctrl+/")
6. New tactical flash light and NV laser indicator for QBZ95-1 (Need MRT,toggle by "Ctrl+L")
7. Mirage effect for all rifles and MGs
8. QJY88 binded with its optical sight
8. New AT Team (PF98)
9. New AA Team (FN6)
10. New Recon Team
11. Added Zeus feature for PLA unites/weapons/accessories/magazines
12. Updated naming for PLA unites in 3D Editor
1. Fixed Ammo config error for PF89 and PF89B
2. Fixed 95-1B muzzle velocity (dat "tank buster" XXD)
3. Fixed model bug for uniform cuff
4. Fixed PF89 adds ammo when entering vehicles
5. Fixed DCV05 subsonic ammo muzzle velocity
6. Fixed area of sound effect for 95-1 mag changing was too large
7. Fixed QBZ03 first person model see through issue
8. Fixed light reflection effect on QBZ03 and QJY88 was too strong.
9. Fixed QJY88 firing rate, removed semi-automatic mode.
10. Fixed 05 SMG muzzle velocity
11. Fixed 35mm grenade launcher muzzle velocity
12. Adjusted DAP92 penetration value
13. Adjusted ammo box items
14. LR4 will use original flash light and laser indicator
15. Reduced type of Eotech553, (only one colour left)
16. Removed temporary flash light and laser indicator

- new PLA Character, Uniforms, Gears, and weapons with redefined cpp/script.

v0.1 beta
- first release

- Community Base addons A3

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