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Short description: The 562nd Tactical School Pilot-JFO-JTAC Guide is a guide on how to be a better pilot and to be a better JTAC in Arma 3.

Date: 2014-11-13 22:14

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562nd Tactical School Pilot-JFO-JTAC Guide


First off some history… I’m a former US Army JFO that has since been qualified to be so since
2007. I was also the consultant to DCS: A-10C for some of the JTAC material and things I experienced in
the real country of Afghanistan, in the Kunar Province (2008-2009). To this day I have zero fratricide
incidents and civilian casualties in both the real world and in-game. I’ve dealt with a few pilots and
trained a few as well (In Afghanistan they were good anyway, both pilots and my FOs) so this is what I
feel when dealing with most pilots on various servers:
  • It’s a good idea to NOT learn how to fly CAS on the server, regardless of aircraft. You suck and
  • on a game server or on a clan mission, it’s not the time to practice when there are people who
    are hoping you know what you are doing. Plus you’re just fucking annoying and should spend
    more time in The Editor, NOT on a server. Matter of fact some servers (though they should
    enforce it more) specify that their server is not a flight school. It’s not, its virtual combat and
    nobody has time for a shit pilot to come on and waste their time and get killed. There’s
    something called “The Editor” which comes with the game that you should learn how to use, the
    server when people are getting shot at or have tanks running around because you don’t know
    what to do is a bad thing. I’ll shoot you down myself.
  • Download the J-FIRE, read up on it, so you can understand some terms and other things that a
  • good JTAC/JFO should know. I’ve seen very few talented JTACs so get off your ass and learn
    something. Which means learning comms so you can work on getting the mission
  • Follow the instructions from the ground observer, don’t run and gun, as you’re shitty, so don’t
  • expect to think that the people on the ground think you’re doing them a favor. Besides you
    create lag by inadvertently destroying buildings, which is a holdover from Arma 2. So be mindful
    that if you go about running and gunning destroying buildings, then you’re a problem, not a
  • Learn the weapon systems and how to lock them. If you see a laser target, select GBU-12 and
  • lock and drop. If you see the diamond inside of the box, you’re good.
  • Practice on the Editor first on how to lock targets. The Macer is a pain in the ass to lock I know,
  • it’s very fine so when a ground JTAC gives you instructions, pay attention. You can also do long
    distance shots with it so you can avoid the pesky infantrymen.
  • If you’re in a clan, do some damn training, you suck until somebody feels you’re capable of
  • performing your task. And if your clan JTAC or whatever isn’t practicing with you then you need
    to get motivated and get it done.
  • Also for the dumb grunts on the ground. If somebody is running CAS, stay off the microphone
  • and let the JTAC do his or her job. They can’t be busy with people talking over them and causing
    confusion. It’s not your mission so shut the fuck up.
  • If the JTAC gives you a run-in heading, come from that direction, not go in that direction.
  • And if you’re that asshole pilot who doesn’t assist ground units then you deserve to get shot
  • down, I’ll gladly do it as you’re just a shithead. Tactical work is teamwork, not run and gun and
    act like you’re hot shit. Get it through your heads.
  • Use the in-game Map as much as possible, I have configured my stick to bring up and close the
  • map, it helps in looking at friendly locations (it’s a pain in the ass sometimes but it helps as much
    as possible).
  • Learn how to interpret a CAS 9-line if your clan uses one. There’s no sense in a JTAC passing one
  • up if you don’t know how to understand it in the first place.

The 562nd Tactical School Pilot-JFO-JTAC Guide is a guide on how to be a better pilot and to be a better JTAC in Arma 3.

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- Added Juggling
- Some nigh work in relation to the Landmark and explain some of the natural difficulties at night.

- Corrected Nautical Miles to Meters (thanks to geraldbolso1899)
- Added Long Distance Shooting

- Fixed some information, made it more clear for the pilot's side as well as the JTACs

- Added Getting a Joystick/Using a Joystick
- Added Not using the 9-Line
- Changed header image
- Changed font
- Moved Targeting Pod Script to Appendix 2

- Added Countermeasures and and some Ending Notes (note I will continue to add to this document, just the thing to add at the end of a document, etc.).

- Added more on the Laser Designation portion (eventually going to redo the specific sections)
- Grammar tweaks
- Added Landmarks to the Pilots section.

- Added Appendix 1: Using the Editor
- Added Generating a 9-Line in the JFO/JTAC section
- Tweaked pilot version to better support the JFO/JTAC section.

- Added Line 9 (thanks for the catch geraldboso1899...)
- Added Radio recommendations to it as well.

- first release

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