Author: Quiksilver
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.3

Short description: A custom version of the famous =BTC= Revive script.

Date: 2014-10-16 10:59

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=BTC= Revive [Quiksilver Edit]

Giallustio @ Quiksilver

I have not seen an official BTC Revive update in some time so the intention of this is respectful and just to address some issues many people have had with it in the past few months.

This is an edited version of =BTC= Revive, most or all bugs should be resolved.
Some things have been disabled:
  • 'Advanced' system.
This is a simplified version of BTC Revive that focuses on the stuff that needs to work.

If you'd like Mobile Respawn/TvT working or whatever, let me know. I disabled it many months ago but isn't too hard to restore functionality (I dont think!).

As an extra bonus, the Medical Trucks now function as heal stations.
All players (not just medics) can revive others when within 5m of the Medical trucks, as long as the--or the wounded--have a First Aid Kit.
This can be toggled on and off at the bottom of BTC config options, as well as designating the 'medical vehicles'.

BTC Revive Marker has also been disabled in config in this version, to not conflict with icons.sqf map tracker.

Installation / Usage:
Grab the BTC Revive related stuff from init.sqf, description.ext, and in the scripts folder and transplant into your mission.
Use the video tutorial for more information!

The .pbo demo mission contains the revive code in working order. You can load it up and "try before you buy". You'll have to transplant the stuff you need. Be cautious with the file paths. There is a reason why it is in the "scripts" folder. All the addActions are file-path sensitive, for example:
player addAction [("<t color=""#ED2744"">") + ("Drag") + "</t>","scripts\=BTC=_revive\=BTC=_addAction.sqf",[[],BTC_drag], 8, true, true, "", "[] call BTC_check_action_drag"];

=BTC= Revive tutorial by Lucky44:

=BTC= Revive tutorial by MacScottie:

Known issues:
Most or all bugs from the original =BTC= Revive should be resolved.

Credits & Thanks:
=BTC= Giallustio for the original =BTC= Revive

- Fixed choppy in response to the controls that manipulate the view.

- Respawn dialog: Corrected dialog for respawn button to display at all resolutions
- Mobile respawn: Finished up the config options for mobile respawn, specifically related to when the mobile respawn gets destroyed, there are now working options to configure the marker further.
- Medical trucks: Added config option for addAction text when healing near medical truck.

- Restored Mobile Respawn functionality.
- Added a bunch of new config options for the Mobile Respawn, specifically for the markers, hints, text and addAction.

- first release

Forum topic:
- BI forums
- BI forums (original version)

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