Author: super-truite
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Requirements: ArmAGeddon
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: Singleplayer compatible

Version: 1.15

Date: 2014-10-28 10:59

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super-truite & Make Love Not War

ArmAGeddon is a Coop Multiplayer game mode.
You have to flee Altis while the island is sinking!
CSAT forces are fleeing as well and you have to try to steal a vehicle to escape. Tornadoes, earthquakes, meteor falls etc. will spice up your journey!

Typical game:
* you spawn with few ammos, even sometimes with no weapons, no map ect.
* Find equipment left by retreating CSAT forces in the buildings or try to eleiminate the CSAT's which are left to get their gear.
* Try to find a chopper quickly (remember the water level is rising). Either follow discretly CSAT's (they are likely to call for an extraction) or
find a abandoned one (usually those have no fuel or need to be repaired (Repair tool kits and fuel canisters can be found in buildings if you are lucky)

Try tweaking your graphical options to be able to have the particle effects at least in 'high'. You will have better tornadoes, meteors ect.
Also, there are two new options for particle effects: "Ultra" and "Armageddon".

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

Known issues:
It is still Work in Progress and we are aware of some issues:
- visual glitch with the tornado (sometimes on dedicated server)
- Damage vehicles tend to explode when players take them

Please report any bug in this thread.

Make Arma Not War:
If you like our work, please support us in the contest!
Vote for us in MakeArmaNotWar.

Credits & Thanks:
We would like to thank the community in general for the help and support on the forums, DarkDruid from BI, for explaining in great details the Particle effects mechanics on the forums and the Armadeus team for testing again and again.

v 1.15
- fixed: Tornado Particle effect radius was too small sometimes
- fixed: sound of thunder was not playing
- fixed: the ghosthawk is now locked (avoiding people to repair it and flee right from the start )
- added: Sync of the tide level across network
- tweaked: number of abandonned choppers increased (it should be less difficult to flee now)
- tweaked: respawn is now closer to the group
- tweaked: engines of abandonned vehicles are less likely to be destroyed
- Fixed: respawn parameter issue
- Fixed: Refuel with fuel cannisters is now working
- Fixed: Respawn marker now invisible
- Sync of tide is now a parameter for server admin (Impacts performances
but prevent the AI from attempting to "swim in the air")

Alpha 0.26
-added: Various dummy objects for pyroclastic flows
-added: New Volcano model
-added: Destroyed volcano model

Alpha v0.25
-Changed: mod.paa logo

Alpha v0.245
-Added: Vote and report bug option in main menu
-Added: Volcano sound

Alpha v0.24
-Added:Normal/specular maps + rvmat for the volcano textures
-Added: New diffuse texture for the volcano

Alpha v0.23
-Fixed: useless mouse wheel menu action for fuel cannister
-Fixed: Volcano texture issues (those are still placeholders)

Alpha v0.22
-Added: PhysX blades
-Added: Volcano prototype
-Added:Fuel cannister

Forum topic:
- BI forums

- ArmAGeddon

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