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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Stratis
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Version: 10-28-2014

Date: 2014-10-28 11:18

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CTF2 - Quake


Capture The Flag 2.0 is a mission engine, for Arma 3, created from scratch to bring the CTF missions to the next level.

Capture The Flag 2.0 system is based on backpakc-flag mechanics. I created the CTF 2.0 mission engine not only to be solid, light and network friendly, this new system also allows to introduce new features:

Template... This is the icing of the cake! This CTF game engine is a template. With a few changes you can introduce all the Capture The Flag 2.0 features to your mission.

Capture The Flag 2.0 is a multilingual (English, French, German and Spanish) mission engine.

. Be able to pick, for each side, one of 33 nationalities (Flags, backpacks and plates)
. Backpack drop to be able to pass the backpack to a colleague.
. Quality details like for instance, in a CTF 2.0 mission you will not see players with a flag floating on their backs... instead, you will see players carrying backpacks with vivid colours.
. Team weapons. All players will have same standard equipment but two boxes will give to each team: 1x assault rifle, 1x machine gun, 1x rifle, 1x sniper rifle, smoke, weapon sights.
. Automatic markers and tag systems to allow you to play with friends like you never did before! These systems are independent and can be disabled by mission parameters.
. Protection on respawn and friendly fire system with voting. Now you can forgive a team mate for killing you... or not. The system will punish by default the team killer but you can stop this if you want. If the team killer reaches 4 team kills the team killer game will be locked. If the team killer behaves well his team kills counts will be reduced 1unit every 8min.
. TrackingCAM is a spectator mode that allows you to track players. What makes special TrackingCAM is the TV mode. This mode is automatic and it will show a player all the time without the need to touch your computer. Is like watching the TV!
. Dedicated CTF table.
. 3D Weapon menu that will allow you to custom your weapon while you can see your avatar.
. Automatic flexible limits.
. Detailed briefing.
. Long and short intro. This feature is required as CTF 2.0 can be used for serious gameplay. For this reason people who join when the mission already started will watch a short intro to avoid them to see the other players.
. Intelligent complex scenario design.
. Different environment conditions: light, rain and fog.

All of this created without triggers, using only 2 public variables and having a minimal impact on game performance.

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.


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  • Cosmetic changes in code and mission info.
  • v2.01 (10-26-2014)
  • New Tag system completed.
  • Default weapons are now assault rifles only.
  • Silencers are disabled by default.

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