Author: Heeeeres Johnny
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Version: 1.0

Short description: Execute any desired code during mission runtime, even in multiplayer

Date: 2014-10-25 06:40

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Heeeere's Johnny!

Some (in my eyes) useful tool.

When testing multiplayer missions, I pretty soon got sick of always stopping and starting my server again to check if the test code finally runs correctly. I don't know if there's some way to login as admin when ingame, but I didn't bother about that and started creating this little tool.

This tool is called "ExecuteEverything" and obviously it can execute any code typed into the edit field, just as you can do that in the ArmA 3 mission editor. BUT the debug console in the editor has its limitations right there ... in the editor.

"ExecuteEverything" instead is intended to be used ingame, not only SP, but also MP. You can choose if you want to call or spawn the code and you can execute it locally, serverside or globally (on every conntected client) which makes me consider it sort of a trolling admin tool.

  • call or spawn any desired code on mission runtime, even in multiplayer
  • execute the code locally, serverside or on every MP client
  • make code performance tests right away

  • Installation:
    - copy the ExecuteEverything.hpp file into your mission folder and #include it in your Description.ext
    - execute the executeEverything.sqf once on mission start
    - execute the following line (e.g. within an addAction command) to open the ExecuteEverything GUI:
    [] spawn JON_fnc_executeEverything_createDialog;

    Included files:
    - ExecuteEverything.hpp
    - executeEverything.sqf

    Forums Topic:
    - BI Forums

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    Tags: Code,   Executor,   Sqf