Gamestar Arma 2 preview pictures

As we could read on last week Gamestar have had the chance to preview Arma 2 and will release an article about it in their upcomming release of 03/2008.

Quote Gamestar :
While working hard on the release of the tactics shooter Amrmed Assuault 2 the bohemia interactive team introduced the gamestar reporter to the virtual battelfield.
A preview report about armed assualt can be read in tne new magazine 03/2008.

4-arma_2_gamestar_1.jpg 4-arma_2_gamestar_2.jpg 4-arma_2_gamestar_3.jpg 4-arma_2_gamestar_4.jpg 4-arma_2_gamestar_5.jpg 4-arma_2_gamestar_6.jpg 4-arma_2_gamestar_7.jpg 4-arma_2_gamestar_8.jpg

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Written on 2008-01-28 21:54 by Foxhound  

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