Author: Alexander (ImperialAlex)
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 3.1.2
Signed: Yes, server key included

Short description: A tiny mod that adds support for composite weapons to whitelisted arsenals.

Date: 2017-11-04 15:07

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XLA FixedArsenal

Alexander (ImperialAlex)

This is a mod for Arma3. This mod improves the way the virtual arsenal works when using 'whitelisting' mode. The 'white listing' feature of the (vanilla) arsenal allows scripters to determine what items are or are not available. However, the vanilla white-listing has a few issues. E.g. by default, saved outfits that contain non-whitelisted equipment cannot be loaded. This mod introduces partial loading, i.e. loading all whitelisted parts of a saved outfit. It also includes fixes and improvements related to the white-listing feature.

Partial Loading
Partial Loading means that outfits that contain non-whitelisted or non-existing (classname not found) items can still be loaded, but any item that is non-whitelisted/not found will be skipped.
If the non-whitelisted item is a uniform, backpack or vest, the currently equipped uniform,backpack or vest (respectively) will be kept.
Outfits that contain non-available (either due to classname-not-found or non-whitelisted) will be highlighted in the virtual arsenal's "load" view.

white = outfit is loadable in its entirety.
yellow = at least one non whitelisted item
orange = at least one non existing class (i.e. wrong classname or mod not loaded)
N.B: orange will take precedence over yellow if both apply

Better Performance
When opening the "load" menu in a whitelisted arsenal each item in each outfit has to be checked against the whitelist.
This was done in a way where the whitelist was always traversed in its entirety. In this mod, the search stops once the item has been found.

Semantics Change
Apart from the indirect changes induced by partial loading, a deliberate change was made to the semantics of white listing.
In the vanilla arsenal (and previous versions), any item currently equipped by the soldier was automatically available in the arsenal.
(Effectively, the white-list was computed as the white list + any current equipment the soldier had).
The vanilla semantics have two effects: Firstly, it allows players to duplicate items like grenades even if they are not part of the white-list.
Secondly, it makes it hard for players and mission designers to predict what items will be available when a certain player visits the arsenal.
The mod resolves both of these issues by making the arsenal ignore player's current equipment.

Composite Weapons
This mod introduces proper support for composite weapons, i.e. weapons that have things pre-attached.
(effectively a one-line change, fixing #20978

To install XLA FixedArsenal you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

This release adds support for items based on CBA_MiscItem, e.g. ACE items in newer releases of ACE.

- HOTFIX to remove some debug output

- add/remove from white/blacklist now properly updates the ammobox white/blacklist
- force-replace is now also used on loading an outfit and on import of an outfit
- added an example of how to fall-back to vanilla

- This update re-works the faulty config definitions that led to compatibility issues with e.g. lock-on-launchers from other mods.

This update includes some major refactoring that should improve the performance of whitelisted arsenals significantly.
Most filtering (the thing that made whitelisting slow) now happens only once, during the "preload" (when the loadscreen is visible). This is done at virtually the same speed as the normal (no whitelisting) loading!
There is still a tiny bit of a delay when selecting a weapon (rifle/launcher/pistol) because the arsenal needs to calculate the allowed magazines for each weapon.

The release also introduces the ability to define lists of "force-replacements", i.e. items that should be replaced with another specified item when the user first opens the arsenal (mostly intended for TFAR/ACRE radios).

With the re-worked "preload" a slight change in the way some (advanced) features of the arsenal work had to be changed -- "preload" calls now need to be made on a per-box level. As a bonus you can now also supply a list of classnames to override "scopeArsenal" checks in the preload (force-add items to the arsenal).

Support for #bipods (merged 1.42 vanilla improvments)
Fix small error in sample mission
additional optional parameter for xla_fnc_removeVirtual... functions

- fixes the behaviour of the "%ALL" tag
- improves (hopefully) handling of composite weapons

- Fixes an issue with "side whitelisting". Resolves "All VAs in Showcase mission are empty".

- HOTFIX for CfgGlasses + conditions now case-IN-sensitive

- updated it to be @ASDG compatible
- include updates to the arsenal made in 1.38/1.40
- generally cleaned up the codebase
- this now also has "side" and "blacklisting"

- Fixed addAction added by addVirtual...Cargo
- Improved feedback for players when trying to load non-available items
- Removed *.rpt spam caused by loading non-available items.

- Various fixes with items not loading as expected. (Gear belt items, default magazines, etc) - Thanks to Pundra, Flipped and Midnight for reporting bugs!
- Dramatically decreases the time it takes to load/open the "LOAD"/"SAVE" menu.

- Added support for partial loading. You can now load (whitelisted parts of) saved outfits that contain non-allowed items.
- Changed whitelisting behaviour: Player inventory is no longer added to the whitelist.

- first release

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